Corner House: Welcome to Bangalore's favourite ice cream parlour

Ignore the cheeky adage “Light on the lips, heavy on the hips”, damn the calorie counting, and head for that heavenly scoop of frozen delight at Corner House, Bangalore’s most favourite ice-cream destination! Established in 1982, their first outlet at Residency Road served everything from fries and pizzas to ice-cream, but eventually zeroed in on serving only ice-creams. And since then, there has been no looking back. It has outlets in Jayanagar, Sheshadripuram, Koramangala and one at Airlines Hotel, all of which only speak volumes of its success.

Corner House serves just about everything from scoops to sundaes (fruit and non-fruit based) and seasonal specials to milkshakes. Fruit-based sundaes that are must-tries include Impeached, Fruit Jackpot and Trilogy. If fruit sundaes are not your thing, try the Cake-a-Moccha, (a combination of coffee ice-cream, cake, nuts and chocolate sauce) and Cake Fudge (with vanilla instead of coffee ice-cream).

If you are in a mood for something light, try the famous Hot Chocolate Fudge, HCF as it’s popularly known, or the Mint Fudge (for all you mint fans); you could even try their various flavoured scoops like Rocky Road, Black Currant, Fig n' Honey, Rum n' Raisin, to name a few. Other hits are the seasonal specials like fresh strawberries with ice-cream, and mangoes with ice-cream. All the ice-creams are made in-house. Corner House has a menu of fourteen flavours, but their secret lies in the array of sauces that they offer.

However, the story doesn’t end here. Their signature dish Death by Chocolate (DBC), is the final clincher! Any attempt to eat DBC on a full stomach could be hazardous to health, for this is no simple ice-cream. Dip into that sinful tub and you’ll know why. Scoops of vanilla ice-cream on a rich chocolate cake liberally laced with hot chocolate sauce and topped with cherries and nuts are surely not for the faint-hearted. DBC has gained an almost cult status in the city, so much so that fans in Orkut have created a community based on this very ice-cream!

Truly, Corner House holds a very special place in every Bangalorean’s heart.


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