Dial 1062 in Bangalore: Your emergency helpline number

Research reveals that during accidents about one in three people die on their way to the hospital. Most of these deaths can be averted if timely medical help is made available. If ever you are faced by any such emergency, dial 1062. This is the toll-free number of Comprehensive Trauma Consortium (CTC), a 24/7 help-line for free ambulance services called CTC Sanjeevini.

Committed to saving lives, this voluntary, non-profit organisation was founded by Dr NK Ventakaramana way back in 2000. Over 45 hospitals seek the services of its state-of-the-art casualty fleets. All CTC Sanjeevini ambulances are fitted with GPS for easy tracking and come with trained paramedics and essential medical equipments.

This facility is not limited to Bangalore alone. Realising the rising number of highway casualties, CTC has extended its services on the Bangalore–Mysore Highway. Fully equipped ambulances—trained paramedics, medical equipments, et al—called “Highway Trauma Centres” are placed strategically all along the road, at every 30 kilometres. CTC ambulances are stationed at the KSRTC Bus Station as well for providing timely help.

Besides the ambulance services, CTC is also geared to tackle mass medical emergencies and has launched air-ambulance services in the country in association with Deccan Aviation.

When in crisis don’t panic … just call 1062.

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