Manchanabele: Ideal picnic spot near Bangalore

Just an hour’s drive from Bangalore and you are in the midst of rippling blue waters, lovingly embraced by hills all around. Too good to be true? Welcome to Manchanabele Dam, built in the catchment area where the rivers Arkavathy and Kumudvathy meet. It’s just 40 km away from the city and hasn’t hogged the tourist limelight as yet!

Manchanabele Dam makes for a good picnic spot. The hills beckon you for a leisurely stroll; the water is cool and inviting for a quick swim . Plenty of birds keep company as you explore around. It’s a long and winding walk up the hill to the dam, but the panorama makes it up. At sundown, this place takes on a magical feel—sights, sounds et al.

Too much activity not your thing? Fret not: select a cool shady place, pour yourself a steaming cuppa and forget the world.

To reach Manchanabele from Bangalore, you have to take the Magadi Road, and after Tavakere look out for road signs or simply ask for directions. You also need to carry a picnic hamper as there aren't many places that offer good food.

It’s neither very hot nor very cold here so wear clothes accordingly. However, if you are keen on hiking, you need to find yourself a pair of sturdy shoes.

So what are you waiting for! Hit the road this weekend and discover the magic of Manchanabele Dam.