Spiritually speaking: Chennai's spiritual centres

What is spirituality? For some, it’s a question of following blind beliefs passed down through the ages; for others it’s about questioning these beliefs. Chennai is home to several spiritual organisations that help people delve deep into this intriguing phenomenon called spirituality.

Discourses on various philosophies, meditation, retreats, bhajans, yoga classes are what you can expect at these centres.

One of the new-age spiritual organisations is the Art of Living (AOL), founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. AOL is quite popular for Sudarshan Kriya, a programme that teaches a particular breathing technique. According to N Sriram, an AOL coordinator, the premise of this kriya is that one needs to work with one’s breath to eliminate stress.

Down-to-earth, practical, and simple programmes make AOL sough-after. AOL conducts basic and advanced courses for children and teenagers as well. Corporate programmes are undertaken too. Chennai is home to twenty-five AOL centres.

Other spiritual institutions in the city include Ramakrishna Math, J Krishnamurthy Foundation and ISKCON.

Ultimately, it’s all about having a simple and stress-free life, so here’s to you in achieving just that.

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