The Crown: Chennai’s Rooftop Restaurant

For a night about town, be it a family dinner, business meeting, or a romantic meal The Crown at Residency Towers (T-Nagar), Chennai’s only rooftop dining experience is a popular haunt.

Its ornate interiors, contemporary curios, breathtaking décor and a live band to boot, lend a perfect ambience to this elegant restaurant. But what makes The Crown truly special is the view one gets from their outside seating. Wrought iron tables and chairs are set in such a manner that each one gets their ample share of the splendid view. Furthermore, as you gaze at the city of twinkling lights, an infinite water pool flowing over the edge and the pretty lanterns that dot the place, only adds to its charm.

The Indo-Western cuisine at The Crown provides a judicious mix of food that tastes divine with each and every bite. Their grills, pastas, barbecues and the ubiquitous kebab platters are their signature dishes. The asparagus soup and the Lebanese platter are popular items, amongst the vegetarians. What’s more is that you can finally end your meal on a high note with some sweet delights be it the sizzling brownie, baked anjeer ka halwa or the scrumptious fig halwa topped with rabri and sprinkled with nuts. Definitely not for the calorie conscious, but giving into temptation once in a while is not too much of a bad thing, either!

Mouth watering, yet? Go on, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone, and quickly make that reservation.

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