A cool dip in Delhi’s swimming pools

When the heat is on, there’s only one great thing to do. Shed the clothes, slip into a swimsuit, slather on some sunscreen and take the plunge … in the inviting waters of a swimming pool, of course.

Delhi has a good selection of swimming pools, both private and DDA-run, that becomes quite a rage when the sun god decides to work overtime. Pools are open until late October, till the weather is hot and balmy; however, they find few takers during the bone-chilling winter months.

Private pools
One of the reputed swimming pools in south Delhi is the Khazan Singh Academy, near Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). With at least four coaches and a couple of lifeguards, this swimming pool is well maintained and is quite a popular stop for moms, dads and their kids. You are expected to shell out Rs 1300 for the first month and Rs 700, from the second month. You can choose any time, from morning till 9 in the night. For women, there are “women-only” slots.

If you seek pool pleasure in a five-star ambience, pick Nelson Health Club in Samrat Hotel at Chanakyapuri. Well-maintained and high on the hygiene factor, this pool remains open through the day from 7.30 am to 8 pm. Though the pool laps will make you cooler by the hour, the high wallet factor can singe you where it hurts the most. However, if you are willing to loosen your purse strings for reputation, privacy and star comfort (read: lifeguard-support, coach and a separate shallow pool for children), you won’t feel too short changed with their per-day rates of Rs 450 (for adults) and Rs 350 (children). The benefits last till late October.

The National Stadium near India Gate and Dr Shyama Prasad Mookherjee Swimming Pool Complex at Mother Teresa Crescent Road are other great bets for both the novice and the veteran. The latter boasts of two pools and a diving pool, climate controlled and open round-the-year. This one with all its benefits and cost effectiveness (Rs 500 per month) is by far the most popular.

Corporation pools
Almost all DDA Sports Complexes boast of swimming pools. You can’t expect five-star swank here but it’s 42 degrees outside and all you need is some refreshingly-cool comfort. So take your chances and dive in!

This summer, choose a pool close to you and get ready for a dip. After all, it's double bounty if you hit the pool: you stay cool and also win yourself a sexy waistline.

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