Party Venues for Kids in Delhi-NCR

Your kid's birthday is the one day of the year when his or her otherwise demanding requests are not refuted but given indulgence. Planning a birthday party for your little one can be a fun thing for you too. With theme parties getting popular, it isn't a herculean task to plan a theme birthday party for your kiddo. Choosing a perfect theme to celebrate your kid's birthday will probably give you the kick to plan for a fun-filled day. Once you've finalized the theme for the party, get set to arrange for all itineraries like invitations, cake, food and beverages, decorations and more.

Organising a birthday party at your home or a party hall can indeed be fun, and more so if you hire a party planner to help you with every detail of the celebration. Nothing will give you more happiness than seeing your kid having a gala time with his or her friends. So, throw in a few party games and activities to keep the kiddo gang entertained. Or call in jugglers and magicians to amuse and entertain the kids. A birthday party need not be extravagant; you can make it a fun-filled affair even without splurging.

Pizza Parties are getting extremely popular with people of all ages and can kids give it a miss? Children love fast food and pizzas are not just tempting, but are also great party eats for the kids to gorge on. Pizza Hut has special party offers where kids can choose from a wide range of themes, get a customised invitation card designed, get special tattoos for them and the guests, take part in games and activities, win assured gifts and give away exciting return gifts to guests. Pizza Hut also provides a friendly host who takes care of all the goodies, food, entertainment, and everything else you may want.

And if you are in Delhi, then Nirula's cannot go unnoticed. Nirula's, India's oldest fast food restaurant chain, is also the first fast food chain of restaurants in Delhi. It specializes in desi versions of western fast food and is a major crowd puller in Delhi. This restaurant chain also hosts birthday parties for kids, complete with yummy food and beverages. So you can be assured about invitation cards, birthday cake, birthday decorations, party caps and game prizes at Nirula's. The friendly staff at this place ensures that the little ones have a good time. And if you want to make your child's party a special one, then Nirula's will provide your kiddo guests with a tattoo artist or a magician.

the burger and fizz hub, is also a preferred party spot for kids in Mumbai. McDonald's offers attractive birthday packages for children, including stylish and colourful decor options complete with balloons and danglers. Special invitation cards are designed and kids are provided with funky headbands. Exciting games are also organised where kids can win cool prizes. You can choose from an array of happy meal combos for kids and other guests at your party.

Children love amusement rides and outdoor activities and what better way to spend the special day than in an amusement park. Aapno Ghar Amusment Park & Water Park offers special party packages if you are planning to spend a day out enjoying various rides like Flying Bob, Columbus, Flying Dish and more. Slide down the Big Play Pan or enjoy a game under the artificial rain hut, or simply curl up and relax in the mist pool with all the kiddo guests at Aapno Ghar Water Park.

Delhi's popular landmark, Appu Ghar, is the first amusement park in India and a favourite hang out place among kids. It was started on 19 November 1984 and since then it has come a long way and has created a niche for itself. It also houses the Oysters Water Park  which makes this park complex a complete destination by itself. You can celebrate your kid's party in Appu Ghar as they offer birthday packages which include lucky draws, bumper prizes, gifts and snacks for all.

Spread over 62 acres of land, Adventure Island is the perfect adventure destination for people of all ages, especially kids. The park has 26 rides and has a fairytale look with bright yellow walls, brightly painted clock towers, bridges, imposing gateways, fantasy theme lands and more. Metro Walk, the mall, is spread across 2.21 lakh sq ft and is anchored to the park so you can hop, skip and reach out for a gastronomic treat or to quench your thirst. Kids can never get a better birthday venue than celebrating with friends at Adventure Island.

Go that extra mile to make your child's birthday a memorable one. Pick up your party hats, blow the balloons and get set for a happy birthday.

Happy Celebrations!
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