Foreign language centres in Hyderabad

In this shrinking world, knowledge of foreign languages is the new mantra for a great career boost. If you have a flair for languages, then follow that passion, as it is a wonderful opportunity for you to soar. With BPO’s mushrooming all over the place, foreign language trainers are in great demand. Also international embassies and hospitality services are constantly on the look out for translators.

You can either go for a Beginner’s Course, or a Master’s Degree. The well-known schools in Hyderabad are Max Mueller Bhavan (German), Suigeneris (Spanish), Alliance Francaise (French), Asa Bhanu for Japanese and EFLU (Central University, teaching many international languages).

German is spoken all over Europe, and learning this language has many benefits. The standard certification course for beginners is held at Max Mueller Bhavan (Nampally) every day, from Monday-Friday (five weeks). The course fee is about Rs. 9,650 including course materials.

Spanish is another popular international language, and is spoken in over 21 nations worldwide. Suigeneris (Secunderabad) has basic, intermediate and advanced courses. A basic course for 2 months would cost you about Rs. 3,500, while the Master’s Degree will cost about Rs. 25,000.

At Alliance Francaise you can do the beginner’s programme (75 hours), spread over 1- 2 months for Rs. 3,800. The complete course will take about a year (Rs 25,000), and there is an option to choose from weekdays and weekend batches.

Asa Bhanu (Sri Nagar Colony) has a four month long basic Japanese course costing Rs. 7,500. If you want to do a year long master course, it will be around Rs. 30,000.

The English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU) is part of Central University, and offer part-time and Master’s Degree programmes in many foreign languages – like French, Spanish, German, Japanese and Arabic etc. The course fees start from Rs. 1200, and is considered one of the best in the nation.

Totally tongue-worthy, what say you?

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