Ice cream parlours in Hyderabad

Though one really doesn’t need an excuse to lick from a cup of frozen dessert, yet one is bound to say that Hyderabad’s warm climate makes it less of an indulgence and more of a necessity to cool off with an ice-cream. Here’s a low-down on Hyderabad’s ice-cream parlours.

Swiss ice-cream chain, Move N Pick (Jubilee Hills) is the big daddy amongst the lot. To really appreciate their flavoured ice-creams and sundaes, you need to dig between the layers. The pistachio comes all the way from Italy, vanilla from Madagascar and chocolate from (you guessed it right) Switzerland. So much for a scoop!

Temptations (Secunderabad and Jubilee Hills) is just what its name implies. This otherwise sundae-speciality joint offers 100 per cent vegetarian natural ice-creams, sugar-free ice-creams, American-style soda pops and milk shakes. Temptations has every imaginable “frozen temptation” you’ll love submitting to.

The US-based Baskin 31 Robbins' sundaes and ice-creams in thirty-one flavours are equally palatable. Drop by at any of their kiosks that dot the shopping malls for your share of the lick. Italian ice-cream parlour Amore’s fat-free gelatos and sorbettos come in 150 flavours including Indianised innovations like Choco Chilly gelatos.

These firangi invasions, however, have made little dent to the huge popularity of Hyderabad’s legendary ice-cream giant Famous Ice-cream at Mozamjahi Market. Their hand-made chiku, mango, custard apple, pista and pineapple ice-creams are admired both for the taste as well as the prices. Do note, this hole-in-the-wall outlet is open till late into the night.

Melting Moments’ (Banjara Hills) claim-to-fame are “natural” ice-creams, made with fresh fruits, and not fruit concentrate. Dig into their almond, date or apricot concoctions and get hooked for life.

How about a quick bite of sandwiches rounded off with ice-cream? Ice Station at Banjara Hills helps you do just that. Keen on the pizza–ice-cream combo? Check out Softy House at Abids. And if you want burgers and music to go with your scoops, Pic n Move (Himayatnagar’s) is your place.

Finally, surprise your guests with pan-flavoured ice-creams from Rasranjan’s takeaway counters at Secunderabad, Bogulkunta and Jubilee Hills.

Hurry … eat before it melts!

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