Bowling alleys in Mumbai

If you are bored of lounging at a coffee shop, have already seen every movie in town and are desperately looking for another option to hang out with friends and expend some energy, try striking out at Mumbai’s bowling alleys.

The Bowling Company Galaxy is a great place for bowling and go-karting lovers. It is a fun way to get that adrenaline rush and the games can be enjoyed by all age groups. It is open all days of the week. They have standard, nominal charges for both go-karting and bowling. They have 2 bowling lanes.

Hakone Sports & Entertainment is one of the best bowling alleys in Mumbai. Some of the games here are bowling, air hockey, indoor basket ball etc. There is a good collection of video games: from shooters, racing, arcade style fighting, ice hockey, and even jet skiing and cycling. If video games are not your thing, you can try your hand at pool at one of the three tables they have.

If you need some fun, go bowling at AMF Bowling. Bowling is the ideal way to entertain your family, friends and co-workers. This bowling center can accommodate any group event, provide just the right food and beverages for your group and take care of all special needs. Get ready to plan a bowling party or corporate bowling event at the AMF.

Another great alley that has held its own for a number of years is Ha-Ko Lawn Care.  Enjoy the eight lanes of bowling amidst colourful interiors and good music. You can also have a snack or a pitcher of beer at their in-house sports bar.

Hakone Bowling Arcade is the place to be if you love bowling. It has a four lane bowling alley, a snooker table, 8 video games, a mini golf course, a video karaoke room, a giant TV screen, and a restaurant.

So it's time to enjoy a wonderful outing with family and friends, wouldn’t you agree?

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