Designer accessory stores of Mumbai

Being house-proud is something that comes to you genetically. Of course, you manage to pull off a more contemporary job as compared to Ma. Help comes in the form of the following home-accessory stores.

Moonriver (Colaba) is the brainchild of entrepreneur Radhika Gupta. It brings with it international designs on home turf, in innovative forms. Shop here for fragrant long-lasting Diptyque candles, renowned fashion-designer Donna Karan’s zen-inspired home accessories, Salviati's award-winning glass from Murano, or even Red’s semi-precious jewellery.

Must-picks are the handmade wooden figurines of santos (angels) from Portugal. For a distinctive table lay-out, there are sushi plates in moss green and lacquer bowls in vermilion red.

Think Firefly (Lower Parel) when you think of funky and non-traditional lighting solutions in floor lamps, fairy lights, majestic chandelier or a quiet bedside reading light. Transforming unconventional materials—paper, plastic and fabric along with gold, glass, silver—and unusual metals to offbeat, striking products is Firefly’s forte. Expect to find the latest imports from Italy, Israel, the Netherlands, USA, Czech Republic and Spain.

Get set to loosen up your wallet to beautify your home. After all, it deserves the best.

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