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Women have come a long way from fulfilling rather primitive social stereo-types to redefining themselves in the society. The shift has been gradual from days where you would hardly find a girl or two in a college class room of 50 boys to present times where the numbers seem more balanced out. Gender equality, which seemed more like a nominal clause in the constitution a few years back, has become a more believable concept now. From engineering, medicine and accounting to journalism and IT, women are matching up to men in every aspect of the professional world.

Education becomes that much more important in the present scenario where competition is cut-throat. The right kind of education goes a long way in defining a persons future and professional life. There's no denying that colleges and education on the whole has become more of business and this has led to colleges coming up in every square of your city. With so much to chose from, it's always good to know which college is a better choice on the basis of your requirements and preferences. A few of these colleges have earned themselves excellent reputations owing to their quality of education.

Sophia College is one of the top colleges for women in the city. They offer courses in Arts, Commerce, Management and Science and have earned themselves quite a name thanks to their services to the world of education. The college ensures that students are given quality education and guidance and they are made to earn their degree rather than just go through the motions. They help students carve themselves a niche in the ever so competitive society.
Maniben Nanavati Womens College is another great institution working towards providing quality education to women. The college offers courses in Arts and Commerce and maintain high standards of quality for every course. They have an exhaustive library, computer labs and loads of other facilities that help students in every aspect of their education. They also encourage students to participate in extra-curricular activities to ensure that every student in the college undergoes all-round development.

Another big name amongst girls colleges in the city is the SNDT. They offer a range of exciting courses in Arts, Commerce and Science that are powered by innovative methods of teaching. The college believes in providing students with life-oriented education that can help them in every stage of life unlike other colleges that strictly stick to the books. Their high standards of education are backed by supreme facilities that help students participate in various activities such as seminars, conferences, labs and sports.

You can also consider Navneet Education College. The college offers courses in Management and other professional courses and ensures students touch the best of their potentials and achieve excellence. They have all the facilities in place to ensure that students get maximum scope and the best possible forum to expand in their field.

So once you've done a proper breakdown of your requirements, making the right choice from these colleges won't be all that difficult. Also, check out some of these women's colleges to get a wider spectrum to make your choice.
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