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Not so long ago, the role of a woman in the society was defined by rather primal stereo types by which the men of the house would go out hunting while the women would stay home and run the family. We rarely see men hunting for a living now but the society has somehow remained vane to the fact that it's high time that even the role of a woman be redefined. Some still argue that education for women in their houses is unnecessary since their daughters and sisters will be married off anyway. But education does more than give people a shot at a bright career. Education helps people become independent and understand the world better.

Again, quality education is just as important as education itself. The right kind of environment, motivating teachers and encouraging surroundings can make a world of a difference when it comes to education. So before you jump to a conclusion, check out some of the best girls schools in your city to make your choice simpler.

Mary Immaculate Girls High School, run by Roman Catholic Nuns, enjoys excellent reputation in the city thanks to their high standards. Students are groomed to excel academically but that is not the only area where the school excels. Students are also given ample exposure to extra-curricular activities so all-round development is achieved easily. Apart from mere bookish knowledge, girls at the school learn important values of life at a very young age. The school is affiliated to the Maharashtra State Board of Education.
St Anne's Girls High School is another great option if you're looking for a good school in Mumbai. The English medium school offers State level education and ensures that high standards are maintained. Though the school lacks boarding facilities, the other amenities more than make up for it. Just like any other great school, emphasis on all-round development is the key to this school's success.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a girls school that provides boarding facilities, give Bai Awabai AF Petit Girls High School a good look. The English medium school offers boarding facilities that ensure students feel at home. The levels of security are really high so there's not much to worry about as a parent. The school offers top-notch education at the high school, primary and pre-primary levels and also puts a lot of emphasis on extra-curricular activities.

You can also give St.Columba School a shot. The school offers English medium education on the pre-primary, primary as well as high school level. The all-girls school has an excellent group of teachers who make sure every student reaches the peak of her potential. If you're the kind of person who wants to ensure every facility you expect is up to the mark, this place will really please you with it's infrastructure and amenities.

You could also check out some of these all-girls schools to get a wider spectrum of schools to chose from. Make sure you pick a school that strikes the correct balance between academics, extra-curricular activities as well as moral values and principles. After all, the personality of a student is formed in these tender years.
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