Homemade Chocolates in Mumbai

So your new-year resolution fobs off any urge to befriend Lindt, or the like? But chocolates still make the best gift hamper: be it for your date, sibling or friends. Cue in to the best chocolatiers in Mumbai.

Meher Pinto is credited for Choc Affaires, at Gwalior Tank in Kemps Corner, and all the lip-smacking creations that come out of it. Have a dekko at her unit in Cozy apartments and be prepared to be wooed by the assortment of goodies.

Chocolates here come in a fancy package—gold box with imported tassels and a tiny card within explaining the colour-coded menu. If you are prepared to shell out anything between Rs 650* and Rs 1000 per kg, you can dial her at 23874099 / 23868240 and place your order.

Discover a sweet treasure-trove at Hema Nagpal's outlet in Churchgate. From yummy chocolate truffle, scrumptious nougat crunchies swathed in cocoa and pure mud cakes to caramel, praline and rum chocolates, you get it all here. Discover manna at prices that range between Rs 800 and Rs 1200 per kg and quickly make that call at 66355803 before your guilt gets the better of you.

Zeba Mitha Kohli's Fantasie is a brand synonymous with homemade chocolates in Mumbai. Sink your teeth into the delightful almond rocks and cashew-pumped chocolates. Fantasie thrives on reinvention, so there are always unexpected-yet-thrilling products like hazelnut choc blocks and pistachio choc cookies to savour. At Rs 450 per kg, her prices are pretty reasonable. So don’t think twice before calling her at 22017018. Fantasie has branches all across Mumbai.

Priti Chandriani in Parel is god-sent for diabetics and weight watchers who have a weakness for these cocoa delights. Yes, you’ve guessed right: she specialises in sugar-free chocolates. With Belgian recipes and imported raw materials to whet your tastebuds, her Chocossieur creations leave you drooling for more. Enjoy the delightful dark, coffee milk, rocher bites and roasted almond specials here. The prices vary as per your customisation. You may book your order at 24939557.

Shenaz enthrals through her Sacci's creations. From cashew and almonds to plain milk chocolates, get to taste the best here. Walk up till the second floor of the old mansion in Altamount Road and discover a cavern full of cocoa delights. Sacci's always outsells its stock. So remember to call 2369 5777 / 23534117 before you swing by. Prices start at Rs 600.

Pander to your sweet tooth, the finger-licking way.

(* Prices are subject to change.)

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