Mumbai’s answer to make-up woes

Worried about looking good for the party you have in the evening? Or need to do something about those thick brows of yours? Worry not, take heart. The art of permanent make up comes to your rescue. As they say, "Different odes for different folks".

It’s not a miracle potion, but is the art of permanent make up, also known as micro-pigmentation. Like tattoos, the professional etches a picture perfect eyebrow or lipstick on your face, which will look impeccable through the year.

This is a magic wand for those suffering from terminally ill diseases, where they lose hair, or skin goes pale. Gifting a new set of eyebrows through permanent make up is just what they need, not only is it permanent, it looks just as good as the natural one. These effects are visible within a week, and remain for nearly 5years, post which, you might need just a touch up.

“If you wish you get an indelible eye liner, a black line can be inked along the upper eyelids and even the inside of your lower lids. Soft and subtle, this does away with the hassle of combating with smudged lines and even short lasting strokes using an eye pencil. An attractive solution for women constantly on the run,” says qualified permanent make up aesthetician Vinu Kriplani.

The other experts in this field, Dr.Jamuna Pai's Blush Clinics (Khar) and Dr Rekha Sheth have gifted many women and men the lip line, and contours they have dreamt of. No worries about applying the right kind of make up or frequent visits to the parlour. You are ever ready for any occasion. Even though it’s a bit heavy on the wallet, whats a little splurging if you can dazzle the world forever.

If looks could kill, this is what you need!!

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