New menu at Mumbai's Prithvi Cafe

In a rapidly-changing world, all things quaint exude a certain degree of charm. A fitting expression of this is Juhu’s Prithvi Cafe.

Located on the premises of Prithvi Theatre, the cafe is an institution in itself, a vintage rendezvous of sort, that has scripted the romance of many. Cocooned in lush vegetation and fenced by ageless bamboo, this is a garden cafe where art lovers, theatre personalities, couples looking to chat in non-five star confines and scores of others wishing to melt into Mumbai's multitude have been congregating over the years. And they still do.

Keeping up with city’s spirit of skilful reinvention, Prithvi Café too has scripted an eclectic range of wholesome new tucks. It brings in the legendary bun maska (best savoured with garam masala chai) from the fast withering Irani cafes of South Mumbai, spicy kebabs from Noor Mohammedi and sizzling Punjabi samosas evocative of Punjab Sweet House in Bandra and Tiwari's and Sharma's in Juhu. Khaari biscuits and more from American Bakery and the city's staple diet of vada pav reminiscent of the yummy picks from the Dadar station area too find a place here.

Then there are desserts galore to make you throw calorie caution to the winds—fresh-fruit ice cream from Bohri Mulla, heaving cocoa delights from Mocha, delectable cakes from Brownie Point and gooey somethings from Pot Pourrie in Bandra.

Of course, conversations then simply flow over hot and creamy Irish coffee in the mellow light that spills out from the delicate paper-machie lamps.

Let yourself be dragged to Prithvi for a play. You know where you will be seated.

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