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Category: NGO

Phone:  (080) 23411181, (080) 23511329

Address:   UAS Campus, Bellary Road, Hebbal, Bangalore- 560024, Karnataka

Landmark:  Near SBI

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Honestly, Karuna animal shelter in Hebbal is just a businees centre. No love for animals by any of the staff. All they are concerned is the money in the name of donations. I was asked to pay Rs. 2500 as donation for giving 2 very small puppies to them so anyone could adopt them. But they refused to even look at the dog until I payed them 2500 rs. They were 2 puppies I found on the road. I told them I would pay rs 1000 as donations as that was what I had with me. The stoff there flatly refused me and told me to take it to some other place. I wonder what is the situation of animals inside. If people have to name bad NGOs, Karuna would be on top of it. A forgetful experience for me. If you want to donate please donate it to other NGOs. Do not even think of Karuna.

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Thanks to the above users who showed us the truth of karuna.
I also wanted to leave a stray puppy to karuna, but saw their pics on website and didn't liked it. Everyone was caged. How can an animal shelter put animals in cage. They don't love animals, they are business oriented.

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hi to all people who are reading this. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PETS OR EVEN STRAY DOGS or CATS in KARUNA ANIMAL WELFARE. " trust me YOUR PETS WILL SURELY DIE IF LEFT THERE". even if you cant take care of your pets, leave them free somewhere away from your home. but do not leave them in this karuna animal shelter. Almost all animals in karuna are INFECTED WITH VIRUS. " YOUR PETS ARE SURE TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!" . the place is bad. all the animals were caged. and most of the kittens over there are infected and no medical care is provided to them. all animals will loose freedom if kept there. i left my kittens in karuna recently. i learnt about the ill treatment of animals in karuna and i came back the very next day and took my kittens back. after 2 days my kittens fell sick and were infected with virus.. PLEASE EVERYONE THIS IS MY HUMBLE REQUEST " DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PETS OR EVEN STRAY CATS AND DOGS HERE. ALL ANIMALS CAN SURVIVE ON THEIR OWN EVEN WITHOUT HUMAN CARE. ANIMALS WILL LOOSE FREEDOM AND DIE HERE AS ALMOST ALL ANIMALS ARE INFECTED AND HEALTHY ANIMALS ARE KEPT WITH THE DISEASED ONES. PROPER MEDICAL CARE IS NOT PROVIDED TO THE ANIMALS AND THE PLACE IS ALSO NOT CLEAN AT ALL." please leave them in a place far away from your home if you cant take care of them. your pets will learn to become independent and will live with freedom happily..god please help those cats which are trapped there.....some one please let them go free rather than die there.. god please help those animals trapped in there

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Went to Karuna to adopt a kitten. The reception area looked nice enough and the boards nailed on thier walls were very impressive with the amount of donations they were receiving. When we were directed to the backside of the reception we saw the deplorable conditions of the kennels and the cattery. The stench of the place was a clear indicator how this shelter cared for the animals it housed. There were many kittens whose eyes were shut with infection and they were housed in the same cage as other kittens. All the kittens are not taken care of- it is very much survival of the fittest there.
We spotted a litter that was kept in one cage and my husband found one of the kittens was not moving. He asked the carer/helper and the guy just picked the kitten, told us it was sick and proceeded to dump the kitten in the corner of the cage???
It just showed us that all the staff do there is place the food in the cages. They provide no affection, no medicines. We were disgusted with everything but decided to save atleast one of the kittens there. As soon as we brought our kitty home, he vomited and his poop was filled with worms. We went to the vet and they gave him deworming meds. But soon after that his temperature fell below average and was in critical condition. He is still being taken care of in the hospital and we' be been told that even though the medicine expelled all the worms, the toxins that they've left has put him in this dangerous situation.
I hope people for animal rights close this shelter down because it doesn't live up to it's name of being a shelter. I seriously have no idea where the money from those donations go to.

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