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Phone:  (080) 41995999, (080) 41995901

Mobile:  9880405401,

Address:   Brigade Millennium Campus, J.P Nagar 7th Phase, Bangalore- 560078, Karnataka

Landmark:  In Brigade Millenium Campus

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Affinity: Conferences And Banquets, Events And Activities And Guest Rooms, Food And Beverage, Health And Wellness, Other Facilities, Special Interest, Sport
URL: woodroseclub.com
Email: enquiry@woodroseclub.com

Restaurant: Melting Pot

Woodrose club is a classic club with contemporary design and decor. It was established by Brigade Hospitality Services(BHSL), a subsidiary of Brigade Group, India's leading property developers. With resort-like ambience, the club is located within a large, green residential enclave in South Bangalore. The Woodrose Club offers its members a host of sports, health and business facilities, formal and informal restaurants, guest rooms, landscaped gardens, conference centres and many other facilities.

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New year celebrations for 2014 was equally pathetic. In the name of Arabian nights, the club and its officials were only entertaining illegal activities....(prostitution, etc,...etc). The issues were reported to DGM - Gurmeet Singh who was at woodrose club, overseeing the collection and he started threatening me for pointing out the facilitation of illegal activities...Woodrose and its officials are goondas and only interested in making money and increasing their wealth by any means including extoronism, goondaism etc. Stay away from woodrose club and its executive such as Gurmeet Singh

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Please stay away from woodrose

Woodrose club officials approached me with a request to join the upcoming woodrose club in JP Nagar. I paid the membership fees in mid 2000's while the club was still under construction...Once the construction is complete, woodrose club and its officials came up with the rules and regulations of the club.. while reviewing the terms, it was observed that everything was single sided in favour of woodrose officials. I have been asking woodrose officials to return my membership fees, as I do not agree to their rules. Brigade and woodrose officials are not refunding my membership fees and always giving some lame excurse. I have never used the club until today even once though I live in the vicinity of the club. Woodrose is being used by brigade group to make quick and esay money. Club is also being used for unethical activities. Please be aware of woodrose and stay away from woodrose. If you have some extra money to spare, please use it wisely or donate to charity...

If there are more people would like to get the cancel and refund the membership fees, let me know. Together we can take legal action against woodrose.

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I am in completement with Sudhesh comments. Overall, club is being used by its officials to loot public and cheat its members. Moreover, it is being used for unethical activities..

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Pathetic New year Celebrations 2013.
we went there for this new year party-2013 with great expectations. But was disappointed the moment we entered their premises. Contrary to their claims of best new year and all it was all a sorry state of affair. The worst was their food. starting to do with starters, can anybody imagine of having daal vada, kela bhaji with your drinks and yes not to forget their master piece oil dipped horribly tasting chicken fry which all tasted like they have got it some where from the antarctic zone(all were super cold)...Coming over to the food part by 12 most of their food counter was empty..and when we asked them to serve mutton biriyani (which they claim, actually couldn't find any mutton piece in that) the person serving told us very sweetly that he fill refill and come and soon he disappeared from the scene. Later this was the case with all the food counters only to see people standing in long ques and the food trays as well as the people serving was not to be seen in the near by area as well. Ultimately more than half the crowd had to starve right on their new year night itself....and believe it or not all this nonsense after paying of a min of Rs 2500/- for stag and 4000-4500/- couple. The dance floor was cramped but somehow we managed..Liquor served except for antiquity blue was all of inferior quality and didnt have options like brandy rum and all. Also they opened the dance floor pretty late by 1045 and closed at 1215 so hardly people got time to rock n roll.

Over all I will never ever go to this place again for a party even if I get a free ticket. The organizers should hang their heads in shame...



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