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Affinity Salon , Koramangala , Bangalore

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Category: Beauty Parlour

Phone:  (080) 22067735, (080) 22067736

Address:   The Forum Mall, 123, 1st Floor, Hosur Main Road, Koramangala, Bangalore- 560095, Karnataka

Landmark:  In The Forum Mall

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Gender: Unisex
Beauty Products: Body Care, Hair Care, Skin Care
Hair Treatment: Anti-Greying Treatment, Crimping, Hair Color, Hair Cut, Hair Ironing, Hairloss Treatment, Hair Styling, Hilites, Partial Hair Straightening, Permanent Hair Straightening, Rebonding, Roots Touch Up, Scalp Treatment, Shampoo, Threading
Body Treatment: Body Contouring, Body Polishing, Body Wrap, Hand and Feet Massage, Reflexology, Rejuvenation, Stress Reliving Treatment
Other Services: Beauty Tips, Slimming Tips, Tattoo
Brands: L' Oreal, Veet, Beaubelle, Jannsem
Skin Treatment: Acne Treatment, Anti Aging, Ayurvedic, Bleaching, Bridal Make Up, Eye Brow Treatment, Facial, Fruits, Herbal, Lifting and Toning, Manicure, Mehndi Application, Pedicure, Pigmentation, Under Eye Treatment, Unwanted Hair Removal, Waxing, Wrinkle Uplifting Treatment
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Affinity International: From hair colouring to scar removal and slimming to facelifts, Affinity International can give you a complete makeover. This state-of-the-art fitness and beauty center is equipped with trained personnel and all the technology you need to feel fit and fantastic. While personal trainers help you with losing inches of your waist, skilled professionals perform cosmetic treatments like facelifts, mole removal and acne removal. You can also enjoy aroma facials and complete salon services. The chain has branches across Bangalore, so you can find one thats conveniently located for you.

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Had been to this saloon last year for a hair cut. A young guy did my hair wash. His body language itself was so cheap. He's behaving like a road side whatever. The way he was talking to me was too friendly I should say. He was talking to me in Hindi( Is that professional?). I asked him to be gentle on my scalp. I cannot explain in words the way he handled me only a girl can understand how I felt( I hope ppl understand). I feel ashamed to explain any more than this. He was rough anyway. My entire scalp was burning and paining. After that as usual I was all set for a hair cut. The lady who was supposed to do my hair cut( she is not behaving like a professional either according to me) all of a sudden screamed a bit saying "oh no...blood". I reached my scalp and realized its bleeding. She asked if the guy who did my hair was rough? I said not just rough but also rude. Just because I did not go along with a male, someone cannot behave in such a way atleast not in a saloon plzzz.
Now let me speak about the lady who did my haircut. She asked what do I do. I said I come from abroad. Her immediate response was " Yeah u look like u come from abroad. You don't look Indian at all" (with a weird smile). I politely said you are the first person to say that. Did I go to a saloon to be judged the way I look? Is that her bussiness at all? Her chat was all shitty I would say. She wants to know for how long I was there etc etc. I felt so disgusted. She looked pregnant then. She looked a bit tall I would say about 5 ft 7 inc or so, a bit dark and a bit fat. DO NOT GO TO THIS LADY. Donno if she treats everyone this way or only a few.
I won't judge this saloon completely and say do not go this hair saloon but this was my experience unfortunately.

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Absolutely the worst place to get your hair cut! Worthless and they have no knowledge about what to offer at 600 Rs! Needless to say i was 100% dissatisfied with the haircut and the price... They have absolutely no idea how to manage this business!

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it is true as to what the older generation says about the younger generation and their penchant for anything inside a mall and the gen x,y,z gang will go for it eyes shut and brains switched off...

alas the same was true for me, i was recently in koramangala for getting some stuff for my wife on a weekday at about 1030 am, however the shop was closed so i decided to get a haircut..lo and behold i saw affinity open in all its glory and i thought HEY its expensive but hell should be a pleasant experience for all that moolah..
k i entered the salon at about 11.15am..and even though it was open..the two chaps sitting at the counter refused to even acknowledge my presence within the shop, both of them were busy with the computer screen (probably on facebook). waited for about 30 seconds and then I ended up asking them if they are open..their response..a curt yes and they were back to their normally i would have walked out immediately, but as i had time to kill i decided to play along.

k the new stylist asks me as to what i want..and he immediately starts off without even a hair wash..and right off the bat he starts off with his marketing..Sir, your scalp is too dry, Sir, your hair is falling off, Sir, you have the worst case of dandruff I have ever seen in my life..why don't you use this product and that product and blah blah blah..and what about his hair cut..ATROCIOUS!! i mean the guys who cut hair for like 50 bucks would do a much better job than him. and at the end of the haircut, I had to ask him for a hairwash..and he tells ya ya, if you want we can do it.. i mean WTH..but before that he shows me the back of my head to check the haircut in a BROKEN mirror.. i mean come on, is affinity so poor that they have to keep using broken mirrors..and at the end while at the billing counter there was a lady in a suit who could care less about the customers experience..all she was worried about was whether you had the exact change or not..

in conclusion..for 600 rupees a haircut for guys..its just not worth it..the hair stylists in there should go back to their old jobs whatever it was(sorry for being a racist ass), they should not open up the salon in the morning unless they actually plan on serving the customers in a fulfilling manner, the employees should learn some basic decent human behaviour, and for God's sake STOP pushing your worthless hair or skin care products like its some cure for cancer.. AND please hire some staff with a bit of professionalism..

as its a big chain, there is no quality control and i fear the top management will never even bother fixing anything because hey, as long as there are idiots like myself to shell out 600 rupees a why should they..

sorry half my post had to be deleted due to its inappropriateness

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