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Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital , Vaishali Sector 1 , Ghaziabad

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Category: Hospital , Labs & Diagnostic Centre , Ambulance , Pharmacy

Phone:  (0120) 4188000, (0120) 4173000

Mobile:  9999036433,

Address:   W-3, Vaishali Sector 1, Ghaziabad- 201001, Uttar Pradesh

Landmark:  Near Fun Cinemas

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Home Delivery: No Air Ambulance: No
Blood Tests: Yes Hearse Van: No
24 Hours: Yes Scan: Yes
X-Ray: Yes
Specialization: Physiology, Pathology, Cancer Treatment, Orthopedics, Pediatrics

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Further the surgical Oncologists refer the patient to radiation oncologists for now it’s the latter’s turn to earn.

RADIATION treats cancer as well as causes cancer. The patient who is already low on immunity is exposed to high energy rays(radiation) without using BLOCKING DEVICES post operative. The patient is assured that the radiation will only reach the affected area. Had that been so, why not any technician or doctor remain in the radiation room while the treatment is on? Why don’t they allow the relative of the patient to accompany the patient who is afraid of this suffocating treatment?

Our appointment with Dr. DINESH SINGH, radiation oncologist , was fixed by Dr. Vaishalli(surgical oncologist). We reached at the appointed time only to find that the doctor was not available as he had to see the plumber for renovation of his house and his assistant Dr. RASHI AGGARWAL was available to consult.

My mother was very much apprehensive everytime she went for radiation at GALAXY CANCER INSTITUTE OF PUSHPANJALI CROSSLAY HOSPITAL . Sometimes the radiation machine was not working and we had to wait for hours . All it affected was the patient who was already on liquid diet. Other times to ask a few things from the concerned radiation oncologist, Dr. Rashi Aggarwal , we had to wait. She talked a lot and when problems started surfacing she was clueless and started avoiding.

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It looks as though Surgeons nothing less than a shoe cobbler, in order to fetch hefty sums, pursue a doctorate leaving aside all human values or to say humanity. In fact humanity is a word rarely found in their dictionaries. Had that been not like that, they would be more conscious before doing any surgery and explain the pros and cons of it to the patient and family.

Today without a single thought they recommend surgery. It is mundane for them. But what about the person who is victimised? The victim(the patient) and the family having full faith on the doctors, keeps on waiting for them in the hope that they would answer a few of their questions. But these doctors hardly have any time or to say mind to answer and resolve the tension of the people who are already going through a turmoil. Why can’t they say " we don’t know " when they don’t know actually or why do they hide the facts? Do these doctors have a heart? Sorry, they use it only as an organ in their bodies. That’s it.

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No Comprehensive Treatment

The doctors in Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital worked individually even while the patient was admitted for surgery. Forget about the team or comprehensive treatment which the hospital boasts about being a multi-speciality hospital . Surgical Oncologist Dr. ARUN GOEL , used to come in room and ask us(relative) what the nephrologist( Dr. Neeru Aggarwal / Dr. Jha) at Crosslay suggested . When Nephrologist came, he asked us as to what the oncologist at crosslay suggested. The two were never seen together to understand the problem of the critical patient suffering from chronic kidney disease and oral cavity cancer.

In June-July, 2013 Nephrologist( Dr. N.P.SINGH) at Crosslay kept on assuming the problem of high TLC, fever, restricted movement of tongue, not being able to speak, eat, swallow and drink- as because of malignancy while my mother was already operated for oral cavity cancer of RMT(retro molar trigone) in April and tongue was intact.

At the same time surgical Oncologists kept on assuming it all as because of kidney problem(she was on dialysis post op) and said that it had nothing to do with the surgery done. Both of them referred us one or the other doctor of different speciality in Crosslay Hospital .

Most of these doctors kept the patient WAITING for an hour or so. My mother was trembling very visibly as she was unable to drink even water the whole day and was down with high fever for days but had nothing to do but wait for the call from Dr. N.P.Singh, nephrologist despite of taking an appointment with him at Crosslay.

Neurologist at Crosslay said, " She is fit neurologically but if she is not able to eat, drink and swallow, get the PEG(feeding tube in tummy) inserted". On advice of neurologist, ENT, oncologist, nephrologist and gastroenterologist of Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital, she was operated for PEG on 3rd August, ’13. But that didn’t solve the problems. Then the oncologist(Dr. ARUN GOEL) asked us to see a doctor in any other hospital.

It was only Dr. Ashwini Goel, nephrologist at BLK(on 14th August) who understood that she was suffering and advised us to let her go as she was sinking. She went for last dialysis on 16th August but could not have her extra fluids out as her B.P. was significantly low. Finally she took the heavenly abode on 18th August, ’13.

Why do these doctors choose the divine profession of serving humanity while being obsessed with the thoughts of earning money.

What does these doctors think of themselves? They are fetching hefty sums and more than that the valuable time and energy of the patient and family but are not there to justify that. I feel they are not there to remove the disease but the diseased person.

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NEEDLING in Dialysis Unit of Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital is not done properly except by two senior staff i.e Mr. Jainendra & Mr. Kishan . In April, ’13 for dialysis, a cannula was to be inserted in a vein of leg. Junior staff made 3 attempts at 3 different sites with 3 cannulas before I informed the senior staff who did it at once and told the juniors that they should have called him if it was not happening(cannula in vein). In SICU as well, the junior staff of dialysis unit made such futile attempts causing a lot of pain to my mother. Junior staff uses the patient as a specimen. Why aren’t they trained properly before having a hand on patient?

They used to quickly cover up the blood stains and the blood loss during dialysis but didn’t show that quickness in other matters.

In June, 2013 during dialysis my mother suddenly started having extreme pain in left arm. A needle was removed from fistula .Her left arm turned blue. For this, the staff said, " unho ne hath hila liya hoga". Firstly, if staff knew that hand was not supposed to be moved, why didn’t he bind the hand with tape and took care? Secondly, it was told to us by a doctor itself that it happens when the needling is not done properly.

The only TOILET in dialysis unit used to remain dirty, a hub of infections for patients of dialysis as they are already low on immunity.

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