VRL Logistics Limited

Segment: Commercial, Residential Credit Cards Accepted: No
Type: Local, National Transportaion Mode: Road
Materials: Yes
Services: Climate Controlled Storage, Custom Clearance, Door to Door Transportation, Loading and Unloading Service, Packing & Unpacking, Packing and Unpacking Service, Single Item Move, Transit Insurance, Warehousing & Storage Facility, Warehousing and Storage Facility
Packing Type: Black Sacks for Packing, Bubble Wrap Packing, Cardboard Packing, Document Box, Foam Beads for Packing, Foam Corner Covers for Packing, Mattress Box, Moisture Barrier Box, Moisture Barrier Box Packaging, Packing Paper, Wardrobe Carton Packing, Wooden Crates for Packing
VRL Logistics Limited

Movers & Packers, Verna