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Category: Authorized Service Centre

Mobile:  9804457742,

Address:   100, Briji Road, Garia, Kolkata- 700084, West Bengal

Landmark:  Near Babli Media Centre

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Authorised Service Centre of: Samsung Products: Cell phones
URL: www.samsungmobile.com
Email: samsungcare.bablimedia@gmail.com


Beware of this service center, I just got cheated when I went to repair my Samsung Galaxy, they charged me a good amount even didn't mentioned what they have done, I saw that they simply upgraded OS, deliver me the handset, just after few hrs I faced same issue, when I reached them again they said now I have to spend Rs 6000 more. Simply speaking they engineers working in this service center as not qualified and sarak chap and less paid. They do not anything about circuits and mobile electronics. They know two things :
1. If some thing not working just give some heat treatment and dust removal, in this process they can damage your mobile.
2. if its started working then fine charge customer a good amount, if not working again then simply upgrade the software.
3. if its working then fine, if not working simply replace whole circuit or touch screen charging customers 6000 to 12000.
4. Give a fake invoice to customers without details of hardware replace and software job done so that no action against them can be taken in future
5. if customer returns with same problem after delivery, talk to him and make them understand that this is not same problem, thus need to repair again.


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In this case I understand that external physical damage to the charge point has been done(unknowingly) . For such cases the warranty doesnt hold good as per the terms of condition wriiten in the Bill or warranty card. In similar situation I also paid to NOKIA for rectification of IC in the charge point.

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This is a external damage issue so they will definitely charge.......But they shud tell u the price before hand...I have exactly similar issue but in nokia simbian phone....I had to pay for IC in charging point..it cost around Rs 300 from Noika authorised center and Rs 125 from unauthorised center...BTW how much they charged you ?

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This is one of those corrupted service centers where the will fix your one problem but they will charge for multiple things. And you will have no other choice except paying that amount as they will say they already fixed this.
I have Samsung Ace Plus mobile and within warranty period the plug point (where the charger/data-cable plugs in) malfunctioned. I could clearly see the thin copper wires displaced.
I went to this Service center and they said - I would not get the warranty as this is damaged. As I was in hurry to fix this issue, I agreed and wanted to know the cost. They said they could fix this in an hour and they would let me know the cost later.
When they delivered, they said they changed the plug-point and as well as an IC. And they billed for both... :)

Samsung should re-think about their service.... No idea why they always cheat during service.

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