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Category: Architect , Interior Designers & Decorators

Phone:  (022) 28900594, (022) 42500700

Address:   3001, Sai Tower, Ground Floor, Sodawala Lane, Borivali West, Mumbai- 400092, Maharashtra

Landmark:  In Sai Tower

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Interior Decorator: Yes Type: Commercial, Residential
Products: PVC Flooring, Wooden Flooring Interior Designer: Yes
Type: Commercial, Residential
Credit Cards Accepted: MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron
Decorator Services: Carpet Tiles, Flooring & tiles, Wallpaper
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• Neha jadhav
she had also complain to director and hod urmila about rupesh naik and paresh mistry were troubling her and later she was removed from department
dont trust these two guys they dont work and dont even let us work pura din apne pc par dekhte rehate hai
paresh and Rupesh ache insaan nahi hai idar ki baat udar chalu hi raheta hai
i was removed from this department within months
there is no growth in this department as nobody get increment.
i had crush on hod, he was told tripati is only good for her
other girls them-self take time and tell us if we take time in washroom
Just to take revenge with HOD as she was removed from department (paresh karab insane hai constantly when IT prs comes she changes her words tuje lagata hai)

• Tripti and husband (hod) to Rupesh”me bagate” as they belong to same community
Tripti husband daily verbally harassing for 3 days from morning ata hai karnar at ate karnar and laughing around with friends, mimicking daily to harass, calling again and again on phone Ext, behaving like immature just bec of their post as not ready to do their slavery.One cant even say anything as they are boss relative.
Tripti tonting ujawala (hod) that no one called her for months when she had join new.
Before she got married to hod she is the one who had also complained about ram dalvi miss behaving. They want others to do slavery due to their relation and community thing if not they harass on basis of community that you can’t do anything. The level of frustration this people behave

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In the middle of the meeting owner himself addresses employee as “vagahari”as discrimination on basis of religion. Even some staff member’s addresses the same way.
Rupesh naik started abusing /using dirty words to girl crossing the limit of all behavior then paresh comes in again gives inappropriate words
A girl was threat “we spoil the name of person who leaves like we did to rohit telling negativity things to remove (he was one of the victim who was harassed) do you understand here it like this” words by Rupesh naik
Threats one of the girl parents on phone if you complain we have a gun and you don’t even have a proof about it what happened you cant even prove it. That’s the reason they have non-working CCTV manipulation. When a girl complained hr started to talk nonsense about her family members and their profession very smartly calling separately then says don’t have proof. This is there thumb habit manipulating and blaming on victim, as lots of girls have continuous complain one can be wrong not all of them.
In past a girl was molested by associate when she complained they went and put her inappropriate photos on Internet even hr blamed and manipulated her itself to hide the matter, from x-employees itself.

• A grownup male employee from gulf-dubai complained/refused to work with this staff due to irrational behavior saying “ram dalvi and kalpesh mewada will do anything to remove “and several left giving excuses within few days as they were harassed in group ram dalvi,amol tandel and kalpesh mewada. Harassing in immature behavior, laughing around him his work.
Worst than childish behavior

➢ HR assistant yelling “Tum sale guju log…” on basis of religion

➢ Pooja ghate to ujawala (Hod) “ti vadi aha to snehal parekh who is noncommunity” loudly on staircase and laughing on her after the meeting was over.

➢ Community Employees comes and ask “u r not community we taught u r that why u were appointed bec ur surname is ohhhh” next day no one talks.

• Ram dalvi with kalpesh mewada “isko karchpani do kya” threating a girl

• Associate banning desk loudly with hands shouting on top of the voice behaving irrationally this is bhole architect do you understand.
Rupesh and ass “if she speaks too much iska bhi photo dal denge fir dekte hai kya karti hai”. Planning to remove others playing un healthy politics.

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Rupesh Naik
(Dadagiri,gossiping and telling everyone negative things about co & vicevera many girls have complain and victim of these people, he was responsible to remove rohit)
to rohit irritating and harassing him about dirty gossiping about the director and hod evertime he goes to hod and comes back frustrating him)
About HOD ujavala “ataa he kara ataa the karaa karte raho ye kabhi end nahi hogo”
“HOD ka isa hi hai usko ladaki ke sath nahi jamta kunki voh time se chali jati thi”
“ me pure din tabloid par hi betha rahunga na toh phir bhi ye log kuch nahi bolenge inke pass chara hi nahi hai”
” ye department mai isa hi hai jab phele bhi isa ho chukka hai log akar chale jate hai hum yaha bethe hai koi hame kuch nahi bol sakta kyunki inke pas koi rastaa hi nahi hai”
” mai idhar isliya kam kar raha hu kyunki ye pass me hai office mai virar rehta hu travel acha padta hai andheri shift hoga na to change kar lunga”
”yaha kam karna hai to ek din jaldi jane ko aur ek din late varna ise beatha ke rekte hai ye log”
“ director ko layout banana bhi nahin ataa phele hame bolenge fir yeh isa hai ye vaisa hai”
” pooja toh hod ki chamchi hai tuse saadi ki hai isliye maska marna padta hai bekar laadki hai sab log jante hai use baat karneki tamiz nahi hai”
to paresh ” kal hod was saying u r every fast then director says u should be issa laga dono ko ek do kya.”
” dekha aman ne mana kar diya na ram ke saath kam karne se kafi experience hai phele hi pehchan liya ke ram kesa hai.”
”amol ke salary bada nahi rahe hai kyunki phir muje bhi dene padegi isa hai ye office mai.”
”tumko yaha isliye rakha hai varna kab se mene aur isne tunko hakaal diya hota”goes out laughing vigerously.
“idhar gujarati ya english me nahi bolne ka samaja kya hamko samaj me nahi ata”
“about boss yaha extra working hours hai Sunday ko bhi kam karate hai aur logo 3 mahina pagar bhi nahi diya phir logo ki haye hi lagi na isliye backpain hua hospital me”
“ ya se jo jata hai hum log usi ka nam karab karte hai jise rohit ka nikal diya na jaisa bola vaisa karne ka”
other pooja who had left now with della co she was not nice girl she was like this etc…….
takes other ppl personal belonging without their concern goes on on………
Paresh mistry associate
From day paresh mistry equally trying to tell them negative things about the company, director and hod
Yeh faltu co hai,director is like this and that taking personal revenges.
By fulk director bana diya fir hi usne flat liya,
logo ko pagar dene ke paise nahi hai aur andheri me bada office kolenge,
isliye koi yahaa tikta nahi hai 3d me bhi sab kali hai,
kitna bhi kam karlo ye log vahi karvage jo inhe chahiye etc etc etc its never ending.
Muje heart attack aya tha co ne kuch nahi kiya faltu hai who toh mera pahechan ka hai sees it person than changes his statement saying co helped me
Paresh threats them “yeh nahi kane ka varna thik nahi hoga”
Paresh “me Brahmin hu panaga nahi lene ka”
Paresh about kalpesh”pura din ph par personal kam ka call karta hai iska kuch arna padega”
This person even shouts on this own wife in middle of everyone that we have to leave the cabin
Gossiping with them about rest of the people in other cabin and then gossiping there about them and making an issue of their own perspective.
• Ram words”ye pooja ko dekhena paresh isliye me kuch …….. shuts his mouth”
• Ram words”kaisa elevation banaya hai bobby hota toh paka pura veneer dalta”
• Ram words with paresh “ pata nahi logo ko kyo rekhete hai”
• Ram words shouting” isko kyo rakha hai who kya kam kara hai”
• Simultaneously pooja ghate trying to dictate around and was not working with her.
• This is when she was given a book by hod to add in presentation thought will also inform p.ghate if some pics can be added from book started shouting with ram ”ti ektis kam karte kya etc etc….”
and speaking nonsense harassing verbally.
• Ram,kalpesh and p.ghate”ek kam kar tu holiday par ja rahe hai toh sab kam ise par dalkar jaa barabar ke vat lagegi uski”
• Kalpesh mewada words”kya kam kar rehe ho arey yeh project to latak gaya.”Several time becausetold to working on some jewellery shop rather than hotel.
• Kalpesh words”itna hua kuch hua bhi ke nahi………..”
• P.ghate and kalpesh come together stand at back and asking tum some sheet file karte ho and giving this weird look.
• P.ghate “mujse bate nahin karte na ab dekhe”
• P.ghate and kalpesh together using sign language and tone language to irritate them just because they were trying to dominate and it wasn’t working.
• Amol tandel,Rupesh naik and paresh laughing on hod, firstly she is woman and she told them to behave themselves as everyone were leaving and complaining.

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