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Phone:  (0821) 4259259

Address:   873, MG Road, Preethi Centre For Oncology, Lakshmipuram, Mysore- 570019, Karnataka

Landmark:  Near Hardwick Church

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Clinic: Preethi Cancer Centre Veterinarian: No
Specialization: Cancer Specialists Not Practicing: No
Email: anilt@mantraonline.com

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Do not pay attention to what Vinay here says about Dr. Anil Thomas. Having witnessed from close quarters, the workings of this hospital for over a year, I can assure you that there is absolutely no room for complaint. In my previous review, I mention the disposal of medical waste and no appointment system. I was misinformed and mistaken. There is no such problem.

Dr.Anil Thomas is a master clinician who will infuse each sentence with hope, at the same time giving you his frank, accurate opinion. No matter how grim the prognosis is, you can't help but feel a renewed sense of hope each time you meet him. That, in my opinion, is the hallmark of a great doctor. Another amazing thing about him is that despite being a surgical oncologist by training, he also dons the hat of a medical oncologist with equal ease, treating patients with chemotherapy.

I repeat what I said in my previous review. Dr. Anil Thomas is without doubt, the best surgical oncologist in the country. Hats off to him for his dedication and service! I hope we are blessed with more doctors like him.

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Dr. Anil Thomas is an amazing doctor. I speak from personal experience. He does upto 3 surgeries in a day and he still has the energy to speak patiently to each and every patient who consults him. He is extremely jovial and is totally frank with his patient. He will not waste your money and does not give false assurances. You can call him in the middle of the night in case of an emergency and he will still answer. He is without doubt, the best oncologist in Mysore, or probably the whole of Karnataka.

However, Preethi center for oncology is a very badly maintained hospital. Medical waste is carelessly disposed and ongoing construction work is a nuisance. There is no proper 'appointment' system and there is an erratic queue to meet the doctor.

But given the amazing qualities of the doctor, these problems can be ignored. A badly maintained hospital with an amazing doctor is better than a very-well maintained hospital with a horrible doctor.

Hats-off to Dr. Thomas!

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Hey do not listen to Vinay he doesn't know head or tail about this doctor. Anil Thomas is a great surgeon who never hides a thing about the disease, unless the patients attendings don't want the patient to know about it.I am speaking from personnal experience and strongly suggest that you go to him if you have anything cancer related.

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This dr is really good.He explains every possible treatment and tells patients all the side effects of each treatment.He gives the lowest cost with good treatment.He is dedicated to his work to such an extent that he does not keep any specific timings for closing his clinic,he even goes home at around 11:30 in the night and drives to hassan and madekari every week to see patients and treat them.this doc works his butt of to earn money that his only free time is sunday.He does go to Barath in the morning for seeing all his patients but does not stay there because he is only a visiting consultant.I think he is the best cancer doc in mysore city.

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