The Dirty Picture

Hindi (U/A)

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The Dirty Picture, Hindi movie showtimes in Pune

Liked the movie. Vidya was great but did not look too sexy or vulgar though she wore cleavage revealing dresses throughout the film. Nasir saab was at his lecherous best as usual while Tusshar playing Nassir saab'r brother looked really stupid just as in the Golmaal series with an added moustache. Emran's role was more in the latter half of the film and so did not have the option of contributing much in the film but I liked the romantic role that he took up at the fag end of the film. The downfall of Silk was shown to be too rapid without any obvious reason. One fine morning she walked out of a film and then no one was willing to cast her. She then tried to produce one film which flopped and she turned a popper with only Emran by her side. She lastly committed suicide. But this film is a must watch for all Vidya fans, she looked fabulous in those red sarees and red bindis and those more than just cleavage revealing dresses.