Please suggest some good adoption centers in Hyderabad?

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Forum for Street Children is heaven for those childrens who don't have parents specially street children are being taken care by this NGO. A must visit place for donars. Please help the organization in terms or your mentoring and providing logistics to the children.

Forum for Street Children : http://www.asklaila.com/listing/Hyderabad/Gachibowli/Forum+For+Street+Children/jm7w7c5b/

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Aadarana is established with a motto to help the orphans by providing them accommodation, education, knowledge under one roof above and beyond the love and affection of the parents, which they lost. Aadarana is dedicated to provide various facilities and impart training to fulfill the aims and objectives to make the orphan children to stand upon their feet and to see them as Nation.s most respectable citizens.

adoption center : http://www.asklaila.com/search/Hyderabad/-/adoption%20agency/?searchNearby=false&ac=true

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St Theresa's has a long history of trafficking children for adoption.Also, information about 3 year old child being held at TLC for a US woman. When her husband was charged with killing their newly adopted Guatemalan baby, the adoption was fast tracked. Indian authorities became aware and the adoption was halted.

St. Thersa's Tender Loving Care Home : http://www.asklaila.com/listing/Hyderabad/Erragadda/St.+Thersa%27s+Tender+Loving+Care+Home/SzYohRWq/

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