Ashwini Homoeo Clinic, Basavanagudi, Bangalore

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Phone:  (080) 26797575, (080) 26509551

Address:   Gandhi Bazaar, DVG Road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore- 560004, Karnataka

Landmark:  Near Syndicate Bank


I totally agree this guy 15 lakh patients...Its practically impossible for a classical doctor to treat these many patients in 25 years.
I will never go there :)

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Thanking Just dial to give a forum to show the real face about this useless doctor BT Rudresh. As one of the suffer of his medicine i am wrting this forum. We had almost lost 20,000 to 30,000 rupees for his useless treatment for my hypothyrodism also for my wife metaphose. At the end of the day being cheated by this useless guys BT Rudresh we ended in landing up with allopathy medicine and we got out of our deciese. During my course of treatment for 1 year, these are the facts i have relaised and recodred about this guy BT Rudresh and his treatment.

1. All the books that he shows he has written are all copied from some famous Italian/French Homepathy scolors. People please dont get cheated with his publications. All you can see in his book is his hilarious pose for the picture in front page with copied image. Many people like me gets fallen to this.

2. Very very worst appointment booking system. Treatments and clincs are for patients who is ill and some disability. But his clinic and appointment system makes you to get more worse. No proper appointmnet booking system, no proper customer care or telephone care, no proper place to sit, no toilets in the clinic. And i have seen many times doctor shouts and yell at the patients. This worst case happend to me once, for one of my visit, doctor came verylate without any piror information. I was waiting almost 5 hours on the road, no place to sit inside clinic. When i asked about this missed appointment to the attender of the clinc, He just came out and shouted at me and my wife. " If you are not interested you can get out, this is our clinic and you need to stict to my rules ". We felt very hurted and cried. Since we were in our last course of treatment, we didnt got angry back at him... He is a very worst person.this BT.Rudresh.

3. Untidy / Uncleaniness - The medicine place is very untidy, i have seen lizards, spiders, cockroaches, just moving around the medicine bottles.. And if you notice the dust above the medicine bottle it is very horrible. Just because of all his Internet fame and some false article and pubilicity about him over internet, i went to this guy, BT Rudresh. THe guy who prepares medicine also dont wear any gloves..just all things are taken for granted there.

4. No worth treatment: To be very frank, he didnt invent anything nor did he did any specalizations, guys. He is just reading some books and doing some crap treatment. I almost took medicine for 12 months, i have receipts, medicine info. Almost spent 20,000 - 25,000 for me and my wife. Every month we take 1 day off to visit this doctore. But at last no use.. I was landed up in lot of side effects. You can even get the treatment from some good Hygenic Homepathic clinics in bangalore.

5.False Publicity / Cheating people: At the end of day BT Rudresh just runs his business with false Publicity and cheating people.

6. Doctors worst behaviour: First he thinks he is creator of the world. and Creator of Homeopathinc medicine. He thinks Patients are fools. He never respects you and what you say. All he needs is money at the end of the day.. Also i have seen sometimes some worst behaviour of him with his fellow lady attendens. Guys its a promise you can see lot of things happening in that small useless clinic.

7. Consumer court / Complaints: I have already went and report to consumer court. And i am desperate now if my case gets publised over media and people should be aware of this BT Rudresh useless treatment. And he should go to Jail. Because he is cheating peoples money. and people faith.

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