CSI Bain School, Kilpauk, Chennai

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Phone:  (044) 26448961, (044) 26454236

Address:   42/48, Ormes Road, Kilpauk, Chennai- 600010, Tamil Nadu

Landmark:  Near Mummy Daddy Shop


I really loved going to my school. The teachers were good, the students too and well, those were the days. Wonderful memories that will stay for a lifetime.

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oh!! i love my skol sooo much.. my principal, my teachers nd my frnds.. my skol has tot me many moral values in my life.. i love my principal who really care 4 us nd help us even in our entertainment.. totally i couldnt mis ma skol. bain skol is the best!!

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17-12-10 The school founded on rock , for bright generation in this vast universe....

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Even my daughter is studying LKG in this CSI Bain School, Kilpauk. They collected 26,000 as the 1st Term fee. And they demanded us to pay 5550/- Rupees as the 2nd Term fee. 3rd Term is awaiting.

What is this all about? I see the news that the all Matriculation schools are commissioned to take not more than 5000-11000 Rupees per year (5000 being basic in standards, and 11,000 being high in standards).

Is not Bain School looks like playing a good gambiling here? What will they teach the kids? Are they really a Christian institute? Then why going against the Law?

I feel disgusting and terribly low.

Can anyone guide whom to approach to either get this sorted or close the school.

Huh! It'S a real pain seeing a Christian school behaving so nerd.


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I Love my School,My School is my Lader for me to climb up in my life.I Miss my Principle Miss.James ,My Teachers,My Friends,My Class Room,My Ground,Even i miss our School Watch Man Uncle & Gardner who always used to help me in always in give me & my friends your school wood Apple Fruit Hahahahaha.

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