Harikesanallur Venkatraman, Nanganallur, Chennai

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Phone:  (044) 22671611, (044) 22671221

Mobile:  9444413668,

Address:   21, 23rd Street, Nanganallur, Chennai- 600061, Tamil Nadu

Landmark:  Near Karumariamman Temple


Dear All,
I had approached him with a same question for the same horoscope under three occassions. He gave three different answers and none of them came true. He did not realize that it was the same horoscope as he has a lot of customers pouring in everyday. Very importantly, we approached him online also, he came out with completely different prediction for the same question. In my circle many of us, dont believe him. However, I like his predictions or not, it does not matter, his horoscope his excellent i guess and he is making a lot of money. All Guru peyarchis, Sani peyarchis, Rahu-Ketu Peyarchis are excellent for him!!!! Latest news is he charges 1000/- per horoscope and we found all the upper and lower middle class line up at his home to shed 1000/- each. I repeat his horoscope his excellent!!!!

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Sir I have sent mail on May 13 for fixing auspicious day for gruhapravesham but till today i have not received any reply from u end, i have also received u r registration information by mail it very urgent hope u will do the needful.


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Sir I have requested for fixing of auspicious day grahapravesam sent mail on May 13 and i have received u r registration information through mail, but till today i have not received any reply. I am eagerly waiting for the same. hope u do the needful immediately

Parthirajd. maiil.id parthirajd@gmail.com

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Dear Sai,
Am ranii from villivakkam.kindly see my daughter's horoscope and groom horoscope which gives good results are not.

daughter's horoscope as follows:

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Dear Sir,

My D O B is 08/12/1981...My Rasi is Meenam(Revathy Nathchatram 4th padam)...Any job which i am entering is not lending for a longer period...also my marriage is getting delayed...so when i will be able to get my job steadied and get my marrriage fixed...also plz lend me the procedural details for your appointment

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girl have sevai dhosham ..i dont have sevai dhosham .. both we marriage is any problem will come

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24 11 1984
7:35 pm
1 Padam
My marriage s delaying. i got engaged on nov 30th. now its stopped bcos of demands.they asked car and 5 lakhs car we said we cant do tat much. so they said ur daughter having moolam so we no need. Now wen i get wedding??

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Dear Sir,
My date of Birth is 31-01-1968
Time of birth is 7.00 a.m.
Place of Birth is Chennai
My Star is Dhanishta 4th Padam, Kumbha Raasi
I had resigned my job in mid of October' 2012 and am yet to get into a new job in spite of attending number of interviews. Is it a bad phase and when will I get a new job?

S.Krishna Mohan

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Dear Sir,

I am 27 years old,
My date of Birth is: 14th June 1985.
Time : 08:05AM.
Day : Friday.
Place of birth : Chennai

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shanthi,april 03 2013
can i know the coast pls ,is that we have to come chenai to see you sir ?
what about if we're aout of chennai. tq n have a great day bye now tc

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meenam rasi
uthirtathi nachathiram
kanni lakanam

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please reply my query sir
my date of birth is:02.05.1992
my time of birth is:10:00 PM
place of birth is:Tiruppur.
when age i will get married?

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m.preethi i need to see the sir how with our family members where we see pls say fast responce sir

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Waste fellow, when me and my mom went for check the horoscope matching for my brothers marriage.
He said the my brother wont get married, but after one week he got married.
So be aware of such type of fake people..

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Its ZEE Thamil TV , everyday @7AM

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Still I have difficult to find out which TV is published his programmed.Please response me immediately.Thanks.

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In which TV is his program aired now? previously it was on Shankara TV....

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In which TV is his astrology aired now?

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I was a regular viewer of his programs at Sri Sankara TV every day I much impressed abut his knowledge and the way he express things. It is great opportunity to interact with such great people to have clear views about the future and live happy. I am praying for his Ashirvathams.(Blessings)

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Very matured, patience and gives views. No question his depth of astrology knowledge. I have respect to Shri. Harikesanallur Venkatraman. He is very practical in his approach. One should have belief in astrology so as to believe the astrologer. I have complete trust on Shri. Harikesanallur Venkataraman.

Venkataraman Subramaniam

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Dear All,

Best Regards

First of all i can't comment about an extraordinary human being and a legend/veteran in his feild.
I have been listening to him for the past few years. Very practical and pious oriented man. His wealth of knowledge is unquestionable. If you want check on your astrology, religious or spirtual realted progress in life, please rely, follow and have absolute trust on him.
Best Wishes.
Thanks for listening.

Ganesh.J / Ganapathy Subramanian.J

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