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Shivas Nest, Velacheri, Chennai

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Category: Hostel

Phone:  (044) 22590077

Mobile:  9841544417,

Address:   #16 6th Main Road Ram Nagar, Velacheri, Chennai- 600042, Tamil Nadu

Landmark:  Near - MRTS Railway Station


Worst is also less to scold this PG....Never give any money without receipts...maintenance is very bad...care takers are mannersless people...its worst than the hell....

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Worst PG have ever seen....such shameless people are maintaining it....i agree with all of you...nobody have the manners of speaking...do not believe on the list of facilities they promise...they are not in reality...they are only to say...no receipts are issued for your payments...and they wont give your advance... if you ask for it they do as if we are asking their money...never ever think to go there...

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Worst PG i have ever seen....such shameless people are maintaining it....do not have the manners of speaking...i agree with all of you....do not believe the photos and list of facilities they promise to provide....they will not return your advance...and if you ask they shout as if we are asking their money....never ever think to go there....

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i do accept the above, they never return advance, food is unhygenic, maintenance is too bad, even they are providing the services
for what they are taking they collect full rent by forcing,

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The Hostel Owner is not handling the issues properly ,and when entering the hostel they have not provided proper application procedure and the tenant only have to go and enquire about the formalities, and when vacating they have certain norms and rules that we have to inform the owner(whole family is coming there and still we don't know who is originally managing there) orally about vacating and 900 rupees will be reduced from advance for maintenance which have never been taken care PROPERLY and an e mail should be sent to them about vacating the room ,they will consider notice period only from the date of e mail, when i went for vacating request that time only they gave me a form and asked me to fill it,and i got the rules for vacating orally and it have never been mentioned about the e mail importance for the notice period and i have been assured that my Advance cheque will be given on the day i am vacating,so i signed and gave the form and when the day comes and i called the owner she shouted like a barbarian and it offended me a lot,and said that i sent the e mail late so she ll deduct 14 days of rent from my advance or i have to give another notice and i have to stay one more month, the way she shouted really offended me ,the hostel doesn't have proper maintenance of room and rest room which was promised before and we have water leakage problem in the bathroom which have never been attended by the owner

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I accept the above... One of the worst hostel i saw eve they take advance from you and vl never return back.They can sit in the roadside and beg instead of doing a business where customer service and satisfaction is important. Ur health ll be spoled if you stay there. They are BEGGARS OF BEGGARS

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Worst hostel i saw ever. totally unhygenic. they wont give you bills for paying the rent. they will take advance from you and they never returned back to anyone (they can beg instead of doing such kind of buisness). u have to lose your dignity, self respect to stay there. they treat you like as if you are staying for free of cost.

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