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Mobile:  9367651888, 9344451888

Address:   425, Trichy Road, Singanallur, Coimbatore- 641005, Tamil Nadu

Landmark:  Opposite Vasantha Mills Gate


Name: j .uma maheswari
Address;10/57B mudupiah colony,3rd street,veerakeralam,coimbatore-641007,B.Ed.
Area of interest:Kindergarden
salary expected: 10k/month
Experience:5 years,worked in reputed schools as computer faculty.

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can anyone give feedback for 9th standard teaching?

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when will you start 11th standard in your school?

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Hi this is suba i need the details and current fees structure of SSVM, i saw your profile and i need to know will they charge any extra amount for extra curricular activity and also i need to know whether the extra curricular activities are compulsory for every student.Is prior registration required?? kindly provide me the information.. myid

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need the details of ssvm,I am a christian,, i want to know if ssvm is more hindu based completely,,or is it more into education,,are thr slokans etc.. taught?? And also will they charge extra fees for anything,like extra curricular activity apart from the already given fee-structure?? Parents of SSVM,,kindly provide me the required information,,,my id

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Please someone help me! I m planning to put my child in SSVM,but really confused,,? Is it good,,??Someone give me the lastest info'/review regdng th school... Is t really worth studying in SSVM?? Pl revert to my id

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ur right plato and their teaching methodology is simply superb.. also so many extra curricular activities that children are really all round in performance. i hear the management invest a lot of time in the school and it is becoming very popular in cbe. some of the reviews below are completely untrue. only if our kids are really in the school do v know wht its lik.

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an excellent school with wonderful facilities! and the correspondent/managing trustee is one of the best people i have ever met. plus the atmosphere of the school is always warm and welcoming. proud to have put my kids in one of the best schools in cbe!

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Hi.... what is the fees structure for LKG admission in coimbatore for the year 2011...she is now 3 years and 7 months old.At present we are in US and we are planning to come back to india in june for the sake of my daughter's schoolings..Is prior registration required?what is the procedure for enrolling and admission?

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Hello Senthil Kumar sir,
They classified their fees structure as 4 types.
1) Admission Fees (Nearly Rs.75000) - Not Refundable.
2) Once Per Year (Nearly Rs.15000) - For Uniforms, Books, Notes, School bag, etc.,
3) For 3 Months Once - Term Fees (Nearly Rs.19500) - For School Fees, Food, etc.,
4) Every Month - Van/Bus Fees - Depending Distance - But We will pay the 3 months Van fees along with Term Fees...

This fees is slightly high, comparing with other CBSE schools in Coimbatore. But also the quality of all, also high comparing with others. Their teaching method like practical oriented... So that fees is meaning full.

They only allot maximum 25 students per section... They stickily followed the spoken language English in the school campus.
And also I found, most of the students came from high class family. So the decency between friendship, between ours will be improve to our kids. Characteristic I want more than studies. So I think this is our best option sir... Kindly convey my regards and best of luck to your ward...

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Hello Senthil Kumar sir,
They classified their fees structure as 4 types.

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hi, iam senthil kumar a middle class, employed in private sector. I live in Ramanathapuram. I looking for a best school for my son whci should be near to my place and also it should be a central board or international board. i saw the profiles about the SSVM school in singanallur but needs some more details regarding the fees, method of teaching etc.
Thangaraj sir, i saw your review and would like to get more details from you. if you like could you please share them with me it will be very usefull for me and my son. my mobile number is 9244410914 and mail id is

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Hi all, I m Thangaraj (+91 98422 77907), Middle class Family man. Business man. I m living in Madukkarai, Near Eachanari Temple, Coimbatore
1 month before I searched "CBSE Schools in Coimbatore" in the web. I saw this SSVM Singanallur School profile in various places. I observe that school for a week. I found excellent training method. I decided to admit my son Mr.Rohith Sanjay for STD 1st. I send my son for entrance exam on 30th Jan. He passed. That time Mrs.Manimekalai mam spoke with us very freely and friendly. And also we visit thru out the school. They have Good infrastructure and class rooms. So we decided to admit.
Suddenly the very next day I saw these reviews from Hema, Shah and Priya in this website. I confused. Once again I observe this school for last 4 days. I followed the school van daily (different van / day). I Met the current student's parents (nearly 20 parents), when they get down their wards from school van. I asked a lot. They told so many details like quality, fees, events and also about Manimekalai mam. I found these 3 reviews are 95% wrong. Yesterday One Gentle man told me that "This kind of reviews made by the competitors. Just Ignore it...” Finally I decided to admit my son and 2 more kids of my brothers in this school for coming year. Yesterday I paid cash for my son.
Hema, Shah and Priya... Thanks for your reviews. Bcus after seeing your reviews only I found so many details about this school. Thanks a lot.

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Teachers are highly inexperienced.. and they change very frequently....the principal is too arrogant behaviour and she always relates the future if any complain comes on a students.. she herself narrates the story stating the kid is not fine, instead to help out the kids.... highly immatured principal and she doesnt know to address the parents.... The teachers are pathetic and if parents complain on a subject they narrate the story on the kid stating the kid is mischievious... only the infrastructure is good... they collect money for all the activities,no proper teaching and they dont give breathing time for the child to learn also.......Too many homeworks... and they have not taught the basics to the children in maths, they just rush up.....

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No No No, Dr. Usha, see, now a days everyone..... including you are money minded. Everyone looking around for a way to make money, That is life.So, do not blame Mrs.MAnimekalai for that. She is easily approachable .... true. Then about the teachers ..... you are wrong Ma'am again. She apoints the teachers after interviewing them very carefully and deeply. The teachers are knowledgeble and talented. If the teachers are not qualified, then how can they apply and attend teh interview.
But I have one comlaint though. About the bus charges. The person who is sending the bills for the students bus fees has no sence at all. Because I have a friend in coimbatore, his son says that there are three students living on the same street and catch the bus from the same spot. but the bills are diffrent for each parents. more than 100 rupees different.... doesn't make any sence. This is general sence, if they are from the same street, then how come the fees are different? the management ..... Mrs. Manimekalai should take care of this.
arvind from usa.

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Yes i did hear some news of this school. , that they don't respond to the queries of the parents in a nice way & expect their job to be done by the parents itself.Problem might be with the exicisting staff., or we doubt their experience as a teacher.
otherwise they have nice infrastructure.

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Have to wait and see what they do. Apparently I heard different news about their school in mettupalayam road. Some spoke about the correspondent Manimekalai as very unpproachable and money minded. Some even warned that she will mint money from you like anything. Also there were rumours that she will appoint very low paid unqualified teachers.

Dr Usha Rao from USA

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