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 07932929435, 07932938362
ক্রস ওয়র্ড বূক স্টোর, শ্রীকৃষ্ণা কম্প্ল্যাক্স, গ্রাউণ্ড ফ্লোর, নভরংগপুরা, অহ্মদাবাদ - 380009, Gujarat
অপোজিট মুসলীম সোসাইটী
Editor's Note
Barista Coffee: The cafes all have a warm brown and orange feel of dark wood and sink into cushions accompanied with the aroma of coffee being brewed. There is a range of hot and cold coffee drinks, non coffee beverages like tea, smoothies and juices along with a good range of baked goodies. Try out their new range of European coffee-based drinks like the Ice Cappuccino and Shakerato. There is always the brownie with cream and ice cream for the sweet toothed.

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Opposite Drive-In Cinema
Drive In Road, Ahmedabad
Near Law Garden
Ellis Bridge, Ahmedabad
Opposite Municipal Market
Navarangpura, Ahmedabad

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