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দিল্লী পাব্লিক স্কূল (হীড অফিস)

 08026570314, 08026570346
3/2, অল-অমীন অপার্ট্মেণ্ট্স, 4টী.এইচ. ফ্লোর, পতলম্মা টেম্পল স্ট্রীট, বাসওয়নগুডী, বেংগলোর - 560004, Karnataka
নিয়র গুনশীলা হস্পিটল
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Medium: ইংগ্লিশ
Gender: সো-এড
Editor's Note
Delhi Public School: Established in 2002, DPS Bangalore North is set on a lush and open 40-acre campus. There are separate blocks for the kindergarten, primary and senior sections, and a separate administrative block. There is a cafeteria that supplies a nutritious lunch, a seminar hall with state of the art facilities, and a sports complex, which houses a swimming pool, a mini golf course, and a gymnasium, basketball court, sports field, mini tennis etc.

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my son as finishied 8th grade we want addmission for grade9 2015-2016 academy
nice school

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