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177, 9টী.এইচ. ক্রস, 100 ফীট রোড, 5টী.এইচ. মেইন, ইন্দীরা নগর 1স্ট্রীট স্টেজ, বেংগলোর - 560038, Karnataka
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Cares For Stray Animals: ইয়েস
Veterinary Medicine: ইয়েস
Ambulance: ইয়েস
Long Stay: ইয়েস
Sell Puppies: ইয়েস
Credit Cards Accepted: অমেরিকন এক্স্প্রেস, মাস্টরকার্ড, প্লস, স্টার, ভিজা, ভিজা ইলেক্ট্রন
Dog Breeds: এফ্গ্যান হাউণ্ড, বীগ্ল, বক্সার, বল্ডোগ, বুল্ল্মস্তীফ্ফ, ড্যাল্ম্যাটিয়্ন, ডোবের্ম্যান, জার্মন শেফের্ড, গোল্ডেন রেট্রীভের, লেবরডোর, পোমের্যানিয়্ন, পূড্ল, রম্পুর হাউণ্ড, রোট্ট্বেলের, স্ট্রীট. বার্নার্ড
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i was a regular customer of this clinic for 3 years, during which time i had taken my lab to this place numerous times - be it for nail clipping to giving a medicated bath to trimming the fur. as most of the reviewers will tell you this place is spotlessly clean and the staff are very friendly. Although it burns a hole in your pocket everytime you take your pet here, it wasnt something i complained about, i was just glad there was a place providing these service for my pet. My lab suddenly fell ill one fine day and we took her to cessna immediately during which time they took some tests and asked us to come back the next day. however, my labs condition worsened the next day and we still didnt have any solid diagnosis due to which they ran m ... View More
not too happy.
they did not do a thorough check up when i took my HONEY(MY PET) IN dec 2016. some treatment was done. i lost my pet in june 2017.
one girl was warning me in the hospital premises in DECEMBER 2016. ------if only i had paid attention to her.!
Worst hospital i have ever come across...my dog needed oxygen...without which he could not even breathe...that attending doctor anyway i dont wanna mention his name..he says if i keep givin oxygen to your dog my hospital will run out of oxygen...i doubt is he doctor or wardboy...worst experience....
Apart from being Very very expensive, they are incompetent!
my puppy of 12 weeks died because he had distemper, a very contagious disease and the doctors could not figure it out unti 3 days before his death. We kept bringing him for everyday drips etc and they did not even bother checking for this particular disease. He should have been vaccinated for this within 8 weeks but they were just careless!!!
i lost my puppy because of their carelessness!!
My Pet has been a very healthy dog. HE has had a small ear infection which is under review for last 2 motnhs. WE have spent apporx 10000/- for hair cut, anul cleaning, regular check ect. In regular check, 15 days back the same ear
Cessnalifeline vet hospital is a great place, specially the swimming/hydrotherapy. We take our dogs every week......they enjoy the swim.
In Domlur
Note: Dr. Pavan can still feign some concern, but Dr. Ajitesh is the worst. His motto- Treat any animal with as many antibiotic injections as possible to fill up the 5000 rupees quota, then ask questions to ascertain what the issue is.
Its been a year since my cat died. I was much too shocked and upset about her death to write about her misdiagnosis and wrong treatment at Cessna Clinic, Bangalore. But I think, its about time since someone returned the favor to them. The day it happened... My cat was fine till the day before and had eaten her dinner. Lately she was feeling a little depressed since we had brought in a younger cat as a favor to a friend of ours, the younger cat's owner, who was leaving the country. Although our cat was still playful ( and sweet and clingy) with us and our dogs, she hadn't taken to this younger cat too well. But after about a month of him also being there and not much to suggest that our older cat was too depressed to eat or play, we wen ... View More
They used to be compassionate... Not any more.... They have no time for your dog......drips is so common there... My poor dog had become so very lethargic... they told me she was fine and put her on a drips without even checking what could be the underlying problem...She passed away the next day... Only then for me to find out that cessna had too many cases of deaths... If only i knew! :-(
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