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কিম লী রেস্ট্রণ্ট

54, ডবল রোড, ইন্দীরা নগর 2এন.ডী. স্টেজ, বেংগলোর - 560038, Karnataka
নিয়র ই.এস.আই. হোস্পিটল
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cash, food coupon, credit card
Catering: ইয়েস
Home Delivery: ইয়েস
Home Delivery Radius: 5 কে.এম.এস.
Amenities: নট অভেলেবল
Valet Parking: নো
Alcohol: নো
Cuisine: চাইনিজ
Home Delivery Call: 41153277
Veg/Non-Veg: নন-ভেজ
Food coupons accepted: নো
Credit Cards Accepted: ইয়েস
AC,Non AC: নন এ.সি.

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PAthetic Food and Manager

Food was really bad and puked also after eating the food. After talking to manager he was not ready to admit it and asked to have it. What kind of restaurant does that nowadays?

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