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 08026631899, 08022451899
115/48, ঈস্ট এণ্ড সি মেন রোড, জয়া নগর 9টী.এইচ. ব্লক, বেংগলোর - 560069, Karnataka
বিহাইণ্ড জয়দেভ হস্পিটল
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Catering: ইয়েস
Home Delivery: ইয়েস
Home Delivery Radius: 7 কেমিস
Amenities: নট অভেলেবল
Valet Parking: নো
Alcohol: নো
Cuisine: চাইনিজ , মল্টী-কূসিনঽ
Home Delivery Call: 26631899
Veg/Non-Veg: নন-ভেজ
Food coupons accepted: সোদেক্ষো
Credit Cards Accepted: ইয়েস
AC,Non AC: এ.সি.


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authrntic chinese fud!!

Today I ordered from Chung's for home delivery. When even after 40 minutes the food didn't come I called them up. They said it will reach in 10 minutes. I called after 10 minutes they said it will come after 5 minutes. It didn't come even 10 minutes after that.

Then I lost hope in Chung's. Still to check just how bad they can be in customer service, I called them after 1 hour 15 minutes. Then the receptionist had the gall to ask me to call the delivery boy. I hung up. After 1 hour 20 minutes this guy shows up at my door and says "full busy". I had to tell him that it was unacceptably late and that I won't accept it.

This restaurant seems to have touched nadir in terms of lousy service. Order from Chung's at your own risk.

I really dislike the ambiance, service and food.
The service is extremely slow and the management is lethargic. The food was so bad, that we couldn't finish all the dishes we ordered, and we overpaid for bad quantity and quality.

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