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স্ট্রীট. ম্যার্দাস হস্পিটল

 08022275082, 08022275081, 08040128200
5, নৃপাঠুংগা রোড, বেংগলোর - 560001, Karnataka
অপোজিট রিজার্ভ ব্যাংক অফ ইণ্ডিয়া
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Stool Test: নো
Urine Test: নো
Treadmill Test: নো
24 Hours: নো
Hearse Van: নো
Blood Tests: ইয়েস
Lungs Test: নো
Home Delivery: নো
24 Hours: ইয়েস
Optical Test: নো
Nerve & Vein Test: নো
X-Ray: ইয়েস
Heart Test: নো
Scan: ইয়েস
Air Ambulance: নো
Specialization: ওব্স্টেট্রিক্স এণ্ড গীনেকোলোগী, অরথোপেডিক্স, পিডিয়্ট্রিক্স, ই.এন.টী., ওফ্দ্যাল্মোলোগী, সাইকিয়্ট্রী, ডেণ্টল, ডের্ম্যাটোলোগী, র্যাডিয়্লোগী, এনেস্থেসিয়্লোগী, রিহবিলিটেশন, প্লাস্টিক সার্জারী, ভ্যাস্কল্যার সার্জারী, অরোলোগী, ন্যূরোলোগী, গস্ত্রোএঁতেরোলোগ্য, নেফ্রোলোগ্য, অর্থোডনটিক
Credit Cards Accepted: মাস্টরকার্ড, ভিজা, ভিজা ইলেক্ট্রন
cash, credit card
Editor's Note
St. Martha's Hospital: One of the oldest and most highly regarded hospitals in Bangalore. Despite its age this hospital has kept up with the times and secured its place in the world of medicine and health care. It is run by the sisters of the Good Shepherd and therefore there is an emphasis on providing care for the weak and vulnerable, women and children and for HIV/AIDS patients. There is a 24 hour emergency, ambulance, blood bank and laboratory. Services are available in all the departments of medicine, including surgery.

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Some years ago we admitted my ill father in law aged 93 years. He was treated in aprivate ward for about three weeks. Then the hospital management decided that they could treat him no more and asked us to have him discharged. We requested the management to give us two days to get organised with home care for my father in law but they refused. Since we were unable to arrange im homeoxygen,reclining bed etc. at short notice we did not take home. At this the nuns (catholic) ruthlessly stopped all services to the private ward including nursing and doctor visit. However they charged us for all these services when we did eventually check out after two days. Incidentally this patient has done relentless service for the religious that runs this ho ... View More