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কোণ্টূর্স ফিটনেস স্টুডিও

 08023432404, 08032408402
10, 2এন.ডী. ফ্লোর, 80 ফীট রোড, এইচ.এম.টী. লেআউট, আর.টী নগর, বেংগলোর - 560032, Karnataka
এবোও বিজিং বাইট্স
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cash, credit card
Personal Trainer: ইয়েস
Gender: ফিমেল
Gender: ওমেন
Facilities: এন/এ
Credit Cards Accepted: প্লস, স্টার, ভিজা, ভিজা ইলেক্ট্রন
Gym Facilities: ফিটনেস টেস্ট, ফিটনেস টিপ্স, লোকের ফসিলিটী, পার্সনল ট্রেনের, ফ্য্সীও স্ক্রীনিং, শাওয়ার
Services: বডী বিল্ডিং, বডী শপিং, কার্ডিয়ো, কার্ডিয়্ভ্যাস্কল্যার ফিটনেস, ফ্লেক্সিবিলিটী ট্রেনিং, জেনারল ফিটনেস, ইণ্ডোর সাইক্লিং, মাসল এন্ডর্যাংক, পর্সনলাঈজ্ড এক্সার্সাইজ, ওয়েট কণ্ট্রোল

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Horrible place. All trainers including owner has major attitude. Until they register are very sweet. Once you start there is no respect. They take huge money but act as if they are doing charity by enrolling us. I hate this place. Please do not enrol here and waste your money.
Women , please beware of this gym.It has absolutely no trials.The membership is for minimum period of 3 months and they sweet talk and sell you a 3 month fat loss challenge program which is a complete waste.The diet plan prescribed in the program is horrible and does not aid in weight loss as claimed.I would not have lost even one pound if I had followed their diet plan.The trainers need to be pleaded and begged to teach you exercises and they are usually putting it off for later giving one or the other excuse.I wasted rs 12000 taking the 3 month program.I just used the gym for one month, in that one month, first whole week, all you are taught to do is use a stationary bike. Cardio and weight machines are minimal with absolutely no treadmil ... View More

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