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বাসিল এণ্ড দীম

 01124673322, 01124674933
11, সন্তুষ্টি শপিংগ কম্প্ল্যাক্স, ন্যূ ওয়েল্লিংগ্টন ক্যাম্প, চাণক্য পুরী, দিল্লী - 110003
অপোজিট সম্রাট হোটল
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Catering: ইয়েস
Home Delivery: নো
Amenities: নট অভেলেবল
Valet Parking: নো
Alcohol: নো
Cuisine: কণ্টিনেণ্টল
Veg/Non-Veg: নন-ভেজ
Food coupons accepted: নো
Credit Cards Accepted: ইয়েস
AC,Non AC: এ.সি.
Editor's Note
Basil And Thyme: Basil & Thyme is contemporary and classy. Basil & Thyme is the baby of a lady who actually conceptualizes most of the dishes and insists on changing the menu every season. Dont fret; you are likely to find better and yummier dishes in place of the ones you liked before. The menu is European with Italian and French accents thrown in for flavor and familiarity. The crepes are heavenly and the main courses are worth every cent. The restaurant is extremely upscale, open only for lunch and they dont serve liquor.

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User Reviews

Great food and excellent service.
This place is only open for lunch.
Fantastic for winter brunch. They have a really wicked liver pate, some excellent fish options and a really good pumpkin and orange soup.

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