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I know and can recommend a very efficient and trustworthy hacker. I got his email address on Quora , he is a very nice and he has helped me a couple of times even helped clear some discrepancies in my account at a very affordable price. he offers a top notch service and I am really glad I contacted him. He’s the right person you need to talk to if you want to retrieve your deleted/old texts,call logs,emails,photos and also hack any of your spouse’s social network account facebook,instagram,telegram, tiktok,messenger chat,snapchat and whatsapp, He offers a legit and wide range of hacking services. His charges are affordable and reliable, This is my way of showing appreciation for a job well done. contact him for help via address below.. ... View More
BTC CRYPTOCURRENCY RECOVERY / BY LORD HACKER :My name is James I was taken advantage of during my investment into crypto currency as I fell into the wrong hands and $74,000 was stolen from me in ETH. I almost gave up as I was told it was not traceable nor is it possible to recover, luckily I came across an article on the internet about a technology Pro: LORD-HACKER, I contacted him and worked with him just to give a trial. To my greatest surprise he was able to recover $69,510 of what was stolen from me which I never believed could be possible so decided to share this to anyone who might be in need of such service Contact: LORD-HACKER, Email:

I believe this information will be very useful to someone out there. I have been looking for a way to spy on my husband’s phone for quite sometime but sadly most of the information available have not been useful. Tried some apps and softwares and none worked. I found this page some days ago but didn’t take it serious. But the issues that needed to be resolved didn’t go away so I decided to give it a try. I contacted TOMCYBERGHOST@GMAIL.COM for help and they came through. I now have access to my husband’s iPhone and I found sufficient proof that he is seeing different women. Text/Call +1 (720) 794-1811 &WhatsApp: +1 (304) 745-7645
I highly recommend this fair service. Wizard James Recovery Service did a fantastic job at recovering my life savings which got stolen. I had a stressful situations going on and they were so patient with me and did help me through this. The staff members seemed legit, not just classifying the problem and charging not without good response. I must commend them for recovering my money from the people who stole from me. If you are ever in need of such service, you can contact them via: wizardjamesrecovery@usa.com, wizardjames8@yahoo.com or WhatsApp: +1
Don't go further looking for a hacker spyhackelite @gmail com has proved that there's still a genuine hacker. After my past encounter with some hackers I thought this isn't possible. Right now I have access to my partner's iPhone, thanks for the recommendations.
My account was hacked in late May so it did take a couple of months to retrieve but in the end, it worked out and I regained access a few days ago. James was very responsive when I had questions or updates- that was very appreciated and reassuring. Admittedly, I was skeptical at first when going through this process, especially when I wasn't able to access my account after our first session, but James continued to encourage me and provide reassurance that it will take time and finally I got my account back. I hope I never have to go through my account being hacked again but if I do, I will not hesitate to use this service again. His personal contacts: WhatsApp: +1
If you're not very tech savvy like me, you might find this information useful. I had to use Hacker Kevin Mitnick expert services through his email LORDKEVINMITNICK @ GMAIL COM in order to remotely monitor my spouse and my children's iPhones. Knowing what my kids and husband are doing gives me peace of mind right now. Say thanks later.
Considering hiring a hacker to help you with your hack job that will leave no trace behind, then the name that comes to mind is tomcyberghost.com He will make your hack job possible with ease via our sophisticated analysts who are ready to display their wealth of experience to solidify whatever hack issues you are facing. Is it your poor academic grade, to know if your spouse is cheating behind you, cash transfer and social media hack, erase criminal record, hack blank ATM card?????? Text/call him on +1 (720) 794-1811, whatsapp +1 (304) 745-7645
i will recommend kevinmitnickcyber @ GMAIL COM for any type of hacking…they never disappoint and don’t charge much
thanks so much to kevinmitnickcyber at gmailcom for helping me with my husband phone you can contact them too ,.
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