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Shopping Mall
জি/26 গ্রাউণ্ড ফ্লোর পালম বীচ রোড, ভাশী, নওইমুম্বঈ - 400703, Maharashtra
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Pubs: ইয়েস
Parking: ভলেট
Restaurants: ইয়েস
Entertainment: ইয়েস
Editor's Note
City Centre Mall: The City Centre Mall creates an experience in terms of leisure, shopping and family entertainment. The ideal outing that satisfies the pangs of hunger: one can choose between a range of food from Pizza Hut to the good old dosa joint. The comfort drink can be found in the ever present Coffee Day outlet, and to get the entertainment going, Cinemax gives you a choice of 3 movies. So the next time you want to catch a movie in Vashi and top it off with some good times, the City Centre Mall might be the answer.

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User Reviews

Hi, Yesterday we went to City Centre mall,Vashi.The facilities available there are useless.That are just good for nothing.There were three elevators.But only working one elevator.that also from ground to 3rd floor,i.e.,the person who is hanicapped or not able to use accelerator cant go to 1st or 2nd floor.Even there stair case also locked.everything is there ,but not works.that was very bad experience.person handicapped with legs cant enjoy there.the experience was bull shit.

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