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પી.વી.આર. સિનેમેક્સ

Movie Theatre
બૈંગલોર સેંટ્રલ મોલ, સર્વે નંબર-89/6,78/7સોલ સ્પેસ સ્પિરિટ, સર્જાપુર આઉટર રિંગ રોડ, ઓપોજિટ એક્મ હાર્મની પ્લાઝા, બેલ્લન્દુર, બૈંગલોર - 560103, Karnataka
ઇન બૈંગલોર સેંટ્રલ મોલ
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Reservation Number: એન.એ.
Multiplex: યેસ
Credit Cards Accepted: માસ્ટરકાર્ડ, વિજા, વિજા ઇલેક્ટ્રોન
cash, credit card

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User Reviews

After converting to PVR, the quality has definitely improved. Seats are better, interiors are better, but ticket prices are very high.

Not the best theatre in town. Sound quality is awful and the seats are not comfortable. I thought after PVR purchased cinemax the quality will improve but these guys are maintaining the same quality i.e. bad quality ;)

The only good thing about this multiplex is it's close and I don't have to miss any movies due to traffic. Ticket prices are very high when compared to quality.