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Beauty Parlour
 08041732205, 08025451385
412, 2એન.ડી. ફ્લોર, કમ્મનહલ્લી મેન રોડ, એચ.આર.બી.આર. લેઆઉટ, કલ્યાન નગર, બૈંગલોર - 560043, Karnataka
એબોવ ફાસ્ટટ્રાક શોરૂમ
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cash, credit card
Brands: લેક્મે
Gender: વૂમેન
Other Services: બ્યૂટી ટિપ્સ
Hair Treatment: એંટી-ગ્રીઇંગ ટ્રીટ્મેંટ, ક્રમપિંગ, ડેન્ડ્રફ કંટ્રોલ, હેયર કલર, હેયર કટ, હેયર આયરનિંગ, હેયરલોસ ટ્રીટ્મેંટ, હેયર સ્ટીલિંગ, હીલીતેસ, પાર્શલ હેયર સ્ત્રૈઘ્તેનીઁગ, પર્મનેંટ હેયર સ્ત્રૈઘ્તેનીઁગ, પેર્મીઁગ, રિબનડિંગ, રૂટ્સ ટચ અપ, સ્કેલ્પ ટ્રીટ્મેંટ, શેમ્પૂ, થ્રેડિંગ, તોન્ગીઁગ, એક્સ-તેન્સો
Body Treatment: બોડી સનટૂરિંગ, હેંડ એંડ ફીટ મસાજ, રેફ્લેક્ષોલોગ્ય, રિજુવનેશન, સ્ટર્સ રિલીવિંગ ટ્રીટ્મેંટ
Credit Cards Accepted: માસ્ટરકાર્ડ, વિજા, વિજા ઇલેક્ટ્રોન
Beauty Products: બોડી કેયર, સમપેક, આય બ્રો પેન્સિલ, આય લેશ્સ, આય લાઇનર, આય શેડો, લિપ ગ્લોસ, મેસ્કારા, નેલ કેયર, રોજ પાઉડર, સ્કિન કેયર
Skin Treatment: આસ્ન ટ્રીટ્મેંટ, એંટી એજિંગ, એઅર્વેડિક, બ્લીચિંગ, બ્રાઇડલ મેક અપ, આય બ્રો ટ્રીટ્મેંટ, ફેશલ, ફ્રૂટ્સ, હર્બલ, લિફ્ટિંગ એંડ ટોનિંગ, મનીકરી, મોલ કટિંગ, નેલ આર્ટ, પેડકરી, પિગ્મેન્ટેશ્ન, સ્કિન પોલિશિંગ, અંડર આય ટ્રીટ્મેંટ, અન્વાંટેડ હેયર રિમુવલ, વેક્સિંગ
Editor's Note
Lakme has been associated with cosmetics since 1952 and is one of the leading names in the industry today. Lakme has diversified its operations and opened up Lakme Beauty Salon chains across all major cities in the country. The salons are equipped with the latest technology in hair and skin care and offer skin care services, beauty services, hair care services and bridal packages. Lakme Beauty Salons are hygienic and their world-class experts provide special care and attention to every customer. Lakme salons are known for their avant garde haircuts, special facials, and mosaic nail art, among other things.

Other Branches of Lakme Beauty Salon

Near Udupi Garden Restaurant
BTM 2nd Stage, Bangalore
Near MTR Restaurant
Banashankari 2nd Stage, Bangalore
In Panchajanya Towers
Banashankari 3rd Stage, Bangalore
Near Adigas Hotel
Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore
Beside Krishna Park
Basavanagudi, Bangalore
Above Axis Bank
Bellandur Outer Ring Road, Bangalore
Near Kundalahalli Gate Bus Stop
Brookefield, Bangalore
In Imperial Court
Cunningham Road, Bangalore
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User Reviews

even i had really bad experience at Lakme salon...after spending close to ten thousand...on different services...the service staff is not good and they force you go for package deals rather than leaving customer to their own conscience,which is very irritating...specially the staff for hair spa at Lakme Salon kormangala was horrible...the service she was very poor..she neither pproperly steamed or washed my hair....and kept asking stupid questions about me and persuing me to take package deal rather than than properly doing her work...All in all very poor customer service!
Feedback on LAKME - KALYAN NAGAR The only reason i am taking time to even write this email is that Once a upon a time Lakme was my favorite parlor and I would spend nothing less then 3000 on every single visit. But now the thought of Parlor itself irritates me... Now I have slowly moved on to Body Craft on Assaye road in Bangalore. Please find below the reason i have moved on for..... 1. When we decide to go to a parlor its only to RELAX and PAMPER ourselves, However with lakme, I am always forced to do a Waxing after ahead massage or a Waxing after a Facial, Why would anyone want to go through a stress after a relaxing session? When i tried to speak to the manager about this... I was shunned and looked down upon. 2.The Girls ... View More
I totally agree with whatever Anjum have experienced, i also have similar experience they asked me to go for instant glow facial....and i found no difference...they didn't even did proper face massage and no steam...if they continue like this i really feel they will loose confidence in thier customer

Very bad experience, Just a couple of days before I took the special facial, beautician told face will glow after 3 days, but there is no difference in face at all, when i went back to them after 4 days they changed their words fully, she started telling it will only clean up wont give glow, if you want glow u shud do instant glow, they were not ready to accept they have not done the facial properly,
fine I have decided I will never go to Lakme anymore, morever ppl in that salon are so arrogant, they dont know customer service at all....

Thanks / Anjum

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