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બી.પી.એલ. સર્વિસ સેંટર

TV Repair
 08023564599, 08023564598
504, 14ટી.એચ. ક્રોસ, સંપીગે રોડ, મલ્લેસ્વરમ, બૈંગલોર - 560003, Karnataka
ઓપોજિટ સાઈ બાબા ટેમ્પલ
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Authorized Repair Services Of: બી.પી.એલ.
Authorised Service Centre of: બી.પી.એલ.
Appliance: ડી.વી.ડી. પ્લેઅર
Authorized Repair Services Of: બી.પી.એલ.
Authorized Repair Services Of: બી.પી.એલ.
Appliance: એલ.સી.ડી. ટી.વી., પ્લાજ્મા ટી.વી.
Products: કન્સ્યૂમર ડ્યૂરેબલ, હોમ એંટર્ટેન્મેંટ
Appliance: સી.ડી. પ્લેઅર, ડી.વી.ડી. પ્લેઅર, મ્યૂઝિક સિસટમ, હોમ થિએટર

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Opposite Big Bazaar
Koramangala, Bangalore

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BPL Service Centre, Malleshwaram, Bangalore is a worst service centre in Bangalore.I booked a complaint on 16/1/2014 but till date on 20/1/2014 no one has turn up to attend the complaint.Every day I was informed by their technician that he will attend today, but all his committments are false.I paid Rs.2400/- for the replacement of some parts and service charges within a warranty period of 3 months.Since the problem has come and in spite of complaints, no one is coming to see the product.
Vijay Saini

irresponsible behavior
BPL service centre, Malleswaram, Bangalore has highly disappointed us by the irresponsible behavior shown by their manager and servicemen.

During the free service period, no one have entertained any of our complaint, instead they have just delayed and hanged our requirements, which was very cunning.

We were shocked, as all of us were supposed to be BPL's fan but the way they treated us, it was highly disappointing and now onwards we hesitate to refer or suggest BPL products to anyone.

We are seeking for an office or complaint box where we can launch our complaint as it seems to be cheated, they should not offer any guarantee period or free service if they cant provide the same.