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ગો કર્તીઁગ @ અકર્સ ક્લબ

Go Karting Tracks
 02225222731, 02225223123
બી-411, સીઁધી સોસાઇટી, હેમા કલનાઇ મર્ગ, ચેમ્બૂર ઈસ્ટ, મુંબઈ - 400071, Maharashtra
નિયર ભક્તિ ભવન
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Editor's Note
Have a blast go-karting at Acres Club. Acres Club, although located in the eastern suburb area, makes you feel like you're out in the wilderness, with its vast green expanses. One of the most popular lifestyle clubs in India, Acres club has, apart from a huge go- karting track, an abundance of facilities which include tennis, roller- skating, swimming and even aerobics and yoga. And once you're done with go-karting, pick from a number of multi- cuisine restaurants to dine in!

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