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3167, ई.एस.आई. होस्पिटल रोड, एच.ए.एल. 2एन.डी. स्टेज, इंदीरा नगर, बैंगलोर - 560038, Karnataka
नियर ई.एस.आई. होस्पिटल
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cash, credit card
Credit Cards Accepted: नो
Gender: यूनिसेक्स
Gender: यूनिसेक्स
Facilities: ड्रेस चेंजिंग रूम
Gym Facilities: डायट कन्सल्टशन, फिटनेस टेस्ट, फिटनेस टिप्स, जॉगिंग ट्रैक, लोकेर फसिलिटी, पर्सनल ट्रेनेर, फ्य्सीओ स्क्रीनिंग, रोविंग मशिन्स, स्टेपर्स, ट्रेडमिल
Services: बॉडी बिल्डिंग, बॉडी शॉपिंग, कार्डियो, कार्डिय्वैस्कलैर फिटनेस, फ्लेक्सिबिलिटी ट्रेनिंग, जेनरल फिटनेस, इंडोर साइक्लिंग, मसल एन्डरैंक, पर्सनलाईज़्ड एक्सर्साइज, स्ट्रेंग्थ ट्रेनिंग, वेट कंट्रोल
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Figurine Fitness: Burn those extra calories with aerobics, yoga and extreme gymming at Figurine Fitness. Dance away the extra pounds and de-stress with Figurines fun dance classes or opt for Circuit Slimming (which combines aerobics and gym exercises). Let Yoga rejuvenate your body and soul. This air-conditioned 8000 sq ft complex has all the equipment, guidance, instructors and motivation you need to get in shape!

Other Branches of Figurine Fitness

Behind JSS College
Jaya Nagar 7th Block, Bangalore
Opposite Cosmopolitan Club
Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore
Opposite Barbeque Nation
Koramangala 3rd Block, Bangalore
Above Karnataka Bank
Sadashiva Nagar, Bangalore

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Good gym, nice trainers. Always crowded But I like their equipment. Worth it
This gym is great! Been going there since March. Never had a problem. Staff is always more than friendly and my trainer is awesome.
I manage to take some time out for the gym in the morning. The crowd is quiet decent in the morning & the atmosphere is peaceful. My trainer is very motivating and helps me out with different routines every month. Love Figurine Fitness!
Figurine Fitness is heaven for fitness lovers. The peppy music and great energy that the place has is fantastic. The place is hygienic and it is maintained very well.
very well equipped gym with modern look.though its expensive the service they provide is very good.
Good Place to burn those extra calories off ur TUMMIES... Bit expensive I feel...
Okay gym. Although it has a space of 4 floors, it's still very crowded, maybe because of the location. The equipments are alright, but the amenities are not really good. e.g: Broken taps in the washrooms, no towels, etc. But on the brighter side, it's quite reasonably priced, and it has a small cafe at the entrance. Avoid going there at around 7-8 in the evening!

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Indira Nagar 1st Stage Indira Nagar 2nd Stage Frazer Town HAL Airport Road
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