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 07795129622, 09538204719
1288/12, लोटस कोरत, 2एन.डी. फ्लोर,, जया नगर 9टी.एच. ब्लॉक, बैंगलोर - 560069, Karnataka
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cash, credit card
Training For Individuals: येस
Languages: इंग्लिश
Segment: फौरेन लैंग्वेग
Placement: येस
Credit Cards Accepted: नो
Training For Corporates: येस
Courses Offered: ऑटोसैड, बेसिक सलुशन मैनेजर, बेसिस सिक्यूरिटी, डॉट नेट, हदूप, जैवा, ओरैक्ल, सैप, सैप-एबीएपी, सैप-बेसिस, सैप-बी, सैप-बीओ, सैप-सीआरएम, सैप-ईपी, सैप-एफआईसीओ, सैप-हर, सैप-एमएम, सैप-पीपी, सैप-एसडी, सैप-एसआरएम, सैप डब्ल्यूएम, सॉफ्टवैरी टेस्टिंग

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Why this willsys technologies is a chutiyas.all fake they promise tht they say we will arrange job for you only if you do course in here.like that they say.but they do nothing.so in my opinion willsys technologies is fake job training.bassicly fake basturds and ShaKir is a fake trainer n dumb ass basturd.
this willsys institute,trainers are not good.they all explain from youtube videos,trainer name was shakhir,this trainer was totally fake.he dont have any experience.he all explains from youtube videos.he allways promised students that he will support to get job.but in real he never help.he totally fake trainer.he explains all from youtube videos.
in willsys,the trainer is not good,he explain all from youtube video,they not have real experience.even they not provide any notes or materials.they just take money and after taking money they promised to placed in mnc but they dnt do thay say all fake words.
I joined willsys institute with the goal in landing to a job in Hadoop domain. Subject was taught in detail that required to work on multiple assignments , due to this our course also took more time than the expected time. Soon after the completion of the course, I started attending placements with many companies through their placement division. Finally, I feel glad to say, I landed in two jobs through their placement division. I have chosen the better one. It was a great journey filled with lot of hard-work, grit and dedication. Willsys helped me in a very good placement job. Thank you willsys.
Whts the fee structure of SaP basis ..... module ..
Can anyone help in choosing the best sap mm institute
I have Completed SAP SD in Coimbatore and searching job in Bangalore. I didn't do any real time project in Coimbatore. Is there real time project and job assurance in Willsys Technologies... Please guide me
Complete Training with Real-Time Examples .They are providing placement assistance and guidance also
I got my informatica training in bangalore from Willsys Technologies. I was trained by a faculty having in-depth knowledge and real time work experience. The training was excellent and beyond my expectation. The notes provided on each and every topic was detailed and of great help to me in doing dummy projects as part of practical work. What interested me the most was that individual attention was given to each and every person in the group learning this module. Besides this,every topic was taught very meticulously and only after we were thorough with that topic that we were moved on to the next topic, thus giving us enough time to learn and gain confidence
i want to join SAP FICO in willsys please tell me is it good institute or bad please tell me........
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