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37, 8टी.एच. 'सी' मैन, कोरमंगला 4टी.एच. ब्लॉक, बैंगलोर - 560034, Karnataka
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cash, credit card
Style: इन्डियन, वेस्टर्न
Type Of Instruction: इंस्ट्रूमेंट, वोकल
Instructors: मिस्टर. डेव
Credit Cards Accepted: नो
Style: इन्डियन, वेस्टर्न
Event Type: बर्थडे पर्चेस, कमर्शल इवेंट, कोर्पोरेट इवेंट, मैरेज कॉंट्रैक्टर, पिरोवैटेट इवेंट, रोड शो
Instruments: वायलिन, टैब्ला, फ्लुट, सक्सफोन, पियानो, गिटार, अफ्रिकन द्जेम्बे ड्रम
Dance Form: भरतनत्यम, कठक, कुचीपुदी, सालसा, जिव, हिप हॉप
Services: रोड शो, स्टेज डेकोरेशन, फ्लावर डेकोरेशन, साउंड एंड लाइट सेटिंग
Type: कोर्पोरेट, किड्स पर्चेस, लॉंच्स, पर्सनल
संपादक की टिप्पणी
Fuzions Music Academy: Learn to love music. An academy based on the philosophy that just learning to play an instrument or sing is not enough. One must love music as well. The institute has several branches across the city. Each school has excellent teachers for guitar, piano, drums, and various other musical instruments, as well as for vocals in both western and Indian classical music. Students are eventually taught to compose as well.

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सभी समीक्षाएँ

Read the reviews, might not even attempt call. :-)
@anga where did you join?
i completely agree with saanjana. i also contacted the no. given for contact.
the person received and talked very sweetly.
he said he will call me back in a week and they are about to start a new batch from the following month.
i didnt get any call nor the person received my call after that.
when i visited their institute the person who talkd to me was absent and the other person was not aware of the matter.
again he took my no and said they will give a call.
i havnt received any call n have already joined at another institute.
but yes, its really unprofessional n very disappointing behaviour.
i tried calling the mobile number given for contact. The person has no courtesy to receive the call instead he disconnected and switched off the cell. Is this the way to treat your inquiries? Please try to be a professional first and then conduct classes. Really disappointed.

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Adugodi Koramangala 8th Block Vivek Nagar Sarjapur Ring Road
*इस पृष्ठ पर विषयवस्तु व्यवसाय मालिक द्वारा प्रस्तुत किया गया है। आस्कलैला प्रदर्शित की गई जानकारी की प्रामाणिकता के लिए किए गए किसी भी दावे के लिए उत्तरदायी नहीं होगा।