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17, सर्विस रोड, चक्कसँद्रा मैन रोड, 3आर.डी. ब्लॉक, एस.बी.आई. कॉलोनी, कोरमंगला, बैंगलोर - 560034, Karnataka
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Day Care Centre: येस
Play School: येस
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Vivaa International Montessory & Day Care: All staff members are trained by reputed Montessori teacher's training institutions. Rather than lecturing to large or small groups of children, the teacher is trained to teach one child at a time, and to oversee 30 or more children working on a broad array of tasks. They do basic lessons of math, language, the arts and sciences, and guide a child's research and exploration. The teacher does not make assignments or dictate what to study or read, nor does she set a limit as to how far a child follows an interest.

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