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13थ फ्लोर

बार और पब
 08041783333, 08041783355-6
होटल आइवरी टावर, 84, 13टी.एच. फ्लोर, बरतन सेंटर, एम.जी रोड, बैंगलोर - 560001, Karnataka
इन होटल आइवरी टावर
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Stags Allowed: येस
Parking: वॉलेट
Amenities: डी.जे.
Entry: कवर
Credit Cards Accepted: मास्टरकार्ड, विजा, विजा इलेक्ट्रॉन
cash, credit card
संपादक की टिप्पणी
13th floor is a perfect place to relax and hang out after work. The ambience of this place is warm and friendly. It has cover charges for couples and singles over the weekend, but during the week there are no cover charges. They have a resident DJ playing some great retro tracks, to match the party spirit during weekend. The menu offers an array of assorted cocktails and other eateries. Reservations are necessary in 13th floor, as it tends to get crowded midweek onwards.

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सभी समीक्षाएँ

Every Bangalorean has to visit the 13th Floor MG Road! It is one of the best places in the city for a scotch on the rocks, and a Chicken tandoori Platter!
My friends and I choose this place to enjoy the city view. They serve a wide variety of cuisine. I would recommend going for European because that is what this place is famous for.
This is a place you plan to go once in a while when you just want to chill at no-occasion-season. Although quantity of food served was less as compared to the price we paid.
the word is AWESOME!
the ambience is very good which gives a view of the awesome nightlife ... very good indeed ,,, but should go with a filled pocket,,,totally worth it
go for the awesome view that this place offers if nothing else.i think you can glimpse almost half of bangalore from the 13th floor. the best part is that the prices are reasonable,considering the ambiance the place offers.
the 13th floor serves the best Long Island Tea in town...nd the view from this place is breathtakin to say the least..the best part is the pricing...for the kind of ambiance nd quality i think they could pump up the prices a bit more( not that i want them to :)
This is one place where ambience is created by the bangalore skyline. good breeze, tall buildings, distant lights are a pleasure to ur senses except the palate. But you dont loose on that too... the food is really tasty (unlike genral pubs) and there is choice in food. Its might be bulky on your pockets but for some special occasions it is worth spending. Choice in drinks is also good. Valet parking is available. I suggest u walk in early before the crowd sets in, pick your table and spend the next coupld of hours relishing the talks, skyline, pleasant air, food and bevs.
An amazing place, amazing ambiance, friendly and efficient service, good crowd [;)] good food.... good choice of drinks and an amazing view and location! No parking problem even though in the center of MG Road. Definitely recommended.

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